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7 Things To Remember Before Traveling For The Holidays

The Holidays are that time of the year where everyone heads home to spend time with their families.  This often involves lots of travel and busy roads.  Obviously, with more people on the road, the chances of accidents will increase.  Contributing factors that lead to more crashes during Thanksgiving and the holiday season that follows are driving under the influence, speeding and bad weather conditions.  Taking the time to follow these safety tips will hopefully reduce the risk of car accidents and spoiling your holiday.

1. Never drive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

Thanksgiving is ranked as the second most fatal holiday (right behind New Years Eve) due to drunk driving.

2. Check out the expected weather conditions of your destination before heading out.

If a winter storm is expected to hit while you are driving prepare your vehicle beforehand. Stock up your trunk with grit (in case you get stuck in the snow or ice).  Make sure you have a blanket, flashlights and road flares in case you get stranded.

3. Make sure your vehicle is in proper working order.

Check tire pressure and tread. Double-check that both your headlights and taillights are working.  Address any engine issues before leaving for your destination.

4. Do not drive while drowsy.

Eating a full Holiday meal puts most people into a food coma. Make sure you are fully awake and aware before leaving your host’s house.

5. Always wear your seatbelts.

Make sure all your passengers are wearing them as well.

6. Maintain a safe speed while on the road.

Rushing to get to your destination is not a reason to sacrifice road safety.

7. Refrain from checking your phone for emails or texts.

If you need to use your phone for any reason, wait until you find a rest stop.

A Holiday is best spent with family and friends, not the hospital.  The attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group represent clients that are injured by the negligence of others.  If you have been injured by the negligent driving of another, call today for a free consultation.  Make sure that you follow these tips when traveling and have a great holiday!



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