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3 Steps to a Stress Free Workers’ Compensation Case


Injured at work? In need of a paycheck while out of work? Frustrated dealing with the insurance company? The workers’ compensation attorneys at LaBovick Law Group and Diaz are here to alleviate your stress. The Florida Workers’ Compensation system is set up to benefit the Employer/Insurance company. The system will weaken your resolve and ultimately attempt to break your spirit. The adjuster will make the claim seem much more difficult than it needs to be. The insurance carrier will engage in delay tactics. We’ve encountered this “gamesmanship” one too many times. We have a litigation team to ensure your Workers’ Compensation case is as smooth a ride as possible. File your case, it’s as easy as 1,2, 3.

  1. We’ll coordinate all communication and medical appointments with the insurance company.

There’s no need to struggle in pursuing the insurance adjuster. Many of these insurance representatives are impossible to reach. They delay return phone calls to weaken your resolve. They want you to ultimately give up and close your claim. Rest assured, we’re here to make it simple for you. We’ll pursue lost wages, underpayments, and lack of reimbursement. The insurance company adjuster will become a distant stranger. Your life will become easier, and you may focus on what’s important, recuperating/rehabilitating your injuries.

We will likewise schedule your appointments for you. We’ll discuss the best time of the day to set doctors’ visits. We’ll make sure the doctor’s office is close to your home. Do not give up hope. You have a solution to your difficulties!

  1. LaBovick Law Group will expedite payments and medical care.

Our litigation attorneys will fight for all medical care and lost wage benefits. We have crafted litigation strategies over the years to ensure expedited medical treatment and paychecks. Delay will no longer occur with us guiding the case. the insurance carrier is prohibited from delaying medical care/lost wages with an attorney on your claim. In fact, 30 days is the maximum period of time to provide these benefits.

  1. The ease of Workers’ Compensation at LLD

The Florida Workers’ Compensation system is complex and difficult enough. Insurance carriers make it next to impossible to relax and recuperate. That’s why you have a choice. Your choice is to ease your burden by hiring experienced attorneys at LaBovick Law Group. Why struggle? You pay nothing out of pocket to retain our Workers’ Compensation services. We act as your advocate and guide. We’ll make sure you have everything you need in the interim. We’ll get you every penny of lost wages due and owing. All medical care will be set up and transportation if needed.


It is essential for employees who are injured on the job to have a Florida Workers Compensation Attorney review all of their documents prior to filing a Florida Workers Compensation case. We want to make sure the insurance carrier pays your wages correctly the first time. Our system is designed to do that seamlessly and effortlessly once we file your Workers Compensation lawsuit. We’ll make sure you receive all MEDICAL CARE AND LOST WAGES in a stress-free environment.

Our firm, LaBovick Law Group has proven, time and time again, to spearhead the attack on insurance companies who mislead injured workers and act against their obligations on the Workers Compensation Law. We will not back down from a fight, even against a giant company like Walmart.

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