10 Ways Social Media Impacts Your Personal Injury Case

Most people think nothing of sharing pictures (even old ones) on their social media sites.  However, if you have a pending personal injury claim, be assured the insurance company defending the claim will want to know your social media history and use that information to embarrass or discredit you.

Below are 10 important social media warnings to keep in mind!

1. Either deactivate or stop using social media accounts.

Posting incriminating photos or comments can destroy your case and allow crafty defense attorneys to dig up dirt in order to discredit you.

2. Archive the content of current accounts.

Destruction of potential evidence can create bigger problems in the future.

3. Preserve all cell phones, tablets, and computers.

Similar to #2, destruction of evidence can be spun as being deliberate and make it look like you are hiding something.

4. Turn on the highest privacy settings.

If you simply cannot stop using social media, at least turn on the highest privacy settings available so that only “friends” may see your accounts.

5. Be aware of “friends.”

Remove any friends you do not know and be wary of new “friends” who request access to view your profile.

6.Don’t send messages or information about the case.

7.Make yourself invisible.

Change your Facebook and Google searchability so that others will have difficulty finding your profiles.

8.Don’t join websites or web chat groups.

Anything you post or chat about online is an open game for a defense attorney to ask about on cross-examination or a deposition.

9. Take down photos

Even smiling in a photo can be used to say “look how happy you are in this photo, you cannot be in pain.”

10. Be cautious and assume that everything you do online is being viewed.

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