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What to Do If You’re in a Serious Car Accident : 10 Steps

Follow these 10 steps if you’re in a serious car accident:

  1. First call 911.  Don’t wait to see if you are injured enough. If you feel bad call an ambulance.  A famous model didn’t call the ambulance after an accident and almost died because she didn’t realize the accident burst open her spleen.
  2. Gather and write down as much information about the accident as you can.  Here are the things you need to gather. Get the names, driver’s license numbers, and contact information like the home address and phone number for everyone in the accident. Also, get the insurance information for all drivers.
  3. If the defendant driver seems like they are high on drugs, or drunk, or even tipsy, note the effects you can observe, like red eyes, swaying gait, alcohol on their breath, and slurred speech.  If there are witnesses ask if they agree with your assessment. It is important to get witnesses early in case the defendant sobers up as time goes by.
  4. Get the names and information on all the passengers, pedestrians, and witnesses who saw the accident happen.  Look around for local businesses who could have seen the accident.
  5. Write down any admissions by the other party. For example: did the defendant get out and say they were sorry? Did they say a reason that the accident occurred?  Many times the defendant will get out and say “Oh, I am so sorry, I was looking at my phone” or “I was texting” or even “I forgot to bring my glasses.”
  6. Make sure you note the location and streets as well as the date, time and weather conditions related to the accident.
  7. Try to make a detailed description of how the accident happened soon after the incident. It is far easier to remember what happened close to the event rather than later on that night.  This narrative could start with The Defendant was going XX on XX Road.  I was going YY on YY Lane.  Because of the fog Defendant ran a stop sign which he did not see because he said to me that he was texting and missed stopping at it.  I had stopped at the intersection but due to the fog I could not see his car and I expected all cars would stop as it was a four way intersection.  The defendant ran the stop sign and crashed into the rear passenger side of my car, between the passenger door and the rear quarter-panel.  Also, try to draw a basic diagram of the accident scene.
  8. Also note any mechanical or equipment problems with the Defendant’s vehicle, like bald tires, or not windshield wiper blades or even having only one headlight (which we use to call a “piddle.
  9. Finally, write down the police officer’s information so we can contact him for his help later on.
  10. TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING with your cell phone camera. Take photos of all cars and all sides of all cars, remember the roof, the corners, the undercarriage, the inside showing damages or airbags that deployed.  Take photos of the people.  Take photos of the scene.  The more photographs the better.  Digital photography is changing the way consumers document everything.  Make sure you use the technology to protect your case.  If you can’t do it, ask someone to do it for you.

THEN, once all is done, contact my office immediately. (561) 623-3681.  You can call from the scene. We will come out to help you.  We will go to the hospital to make sure you are well treated.  We will help in getting your car fixed or getting you the most you can get from the other party for your car.  One call will do it all.  Also remember, there is NEVER a FEE unless we get MONEY FOR YOU!

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