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How to Prevent these 5 Common Accidents While in a Taxi or Uber

The use of taxi services has diminished with the advent of rideshare businesses such as Uber and Lyft.  The advantage of these cheaper alternatives to the traditional taxi service has come with its own challenges when a passenger is injured while using an Uber or Lyft.  Below are some common accidents that occur with these ridesharing companies and some potential tips on how to prevent them.

  1. Vet the rideshare driver as much as possible

Most rideshare apps allow the end purchaser (the passenger) to view the credentials of the driver.  They provide a rating system.  It is good practice to use drivers with higher ratings.

  1. Make sure the car you are getting into is in fact the one you booked through your app

Most rideshare apps provide a picture of the driver, their name, the type of car that is picking you up and the license plate of the car.  Make sure that all these match up before getting into the vehicle.  There have been numerous news reports of people claiming to be rideshare drivers, picking up unsuspecting passengers and robbing them!

  1. Your rideshare is hit by another at-fault driver

When the vehicle you are in is negligently hit by another vehicle, you may bring a claim against both the at-fault driver and the driver of the rideshare vehicle if there is not enough insurance coverage for the at-fault driver.  Currently, there is legislation being discussed in Tallahassee to address this issue.

  1. Your driver hits another automobile

When your rideshare driver negligently hits another vehicle while you are a passenger, you would be covered by the insurance of the rideshare driver.  There is current legislation being drafted in Tallahassee to address this issue of mandatory coverage amounts for rideshare vehicles.

  1. Rideshare distracted driving

Distracted driving occurs all the time.  Checking one cell phone, looking at the GPS, talking to passengers and even changing the radio station all fall under distracted driving.  Part of the job of a rideshare driver is to follow their GPS through their phone for efficient deliveries.  Insist your driver keep their eyes on the road!

Following these 5 tips when riding as a passenger in a taxi or in another rideshare service can help you stay safe on your journey from point A to point B.  If the unfortunate happens and you are in an accident as a passenger, knowing what to do after a car accident is essential.  If you’re injured, make sure someone calls 911 and you get the medical help you need.  Call a personal injury lawyer that can help you get the settlement you deserve and make sure to get all the information about the people who were involved.

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