PIP TIP Seminar: Important PIP Topics Explained

Last week was LaBovick Law Group’s most successful PIP TIP Seminar. LaBovick Law Group’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Team strives to constantly update and inform our clients and medical providers within our community. Each PIP TIP seminar is an opportunity for our clients, medical providers, and interested parties to inquire about pressing issues within their businesses. The LaBovick PIP Team strategically chooses the hottest topics in the PIP/Billing world and presents this information with a unique presentation. Our presentation always leads to a vigorous question and answer session. It is the perfect time to “wind down” and enjoy an informal night that benefits all participants.


The main topics discussed during the seminar were: Reimbursements under PIP, Emergency Medical Conditions (EMC), Deductibles, 6B Requests, and PIP Sources. Importantly, our educated guests asked well-informed questions about billing timelines, coverage investigations, Emergency Medical Conditions-recent case law, demand letter mailings, etc. The evening was very successful for all parties in that everyone socialized and learned in an environment conducive to business success and the formation of long-lasting relationships.

Recent decisions by our county and district courts in Florida must be scrutinized. Both legal and medical professionals have to plan for the newest twist to a PIP law that is ambiguous in many different respects. Our discussions give your business a glimpse into the thought process of our respected judges and how each decision impacts our Florida PIP system as a whole. We offer tips on how you can maximize your resources to conform to the constant changes to the PIP statute.

LaBovick Law Group will be hosting PIP TIP Seminars throughout the year. We invite all medical providers, medical billing companies, medical reps. and the like to enjoy a fun night of wine, snacks, and an interactive PIP presentation. Bring your Explanations of Benefits, Denial Letters, etc. and questions, and let’s learn from one another!

Please contact the LaBovick Law Group to inquire about our next PIP TIP seminar. If you have any PIP Questions in the meantime do not hesitate to call our well-informed PIP Legal Experts.

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