Not Reporting Your Work Injury Could Cost You Money


Subject to few exceptions, you have 30 days to report your accident/injuries to your employer. It is perfectly fine to report an accident to your supervisor, manager, shift leader, etc.  If you do not report the accident/injury within the 30 days then Workers’ Compensation is obligated to pay for neither your medical treatment nor your lost wages.

Below is a guide to help decide actions to take when an injury takes place:

  1. Report your injuries to:
    1. A supervisor
    2.  A manager
    3. Shift Leader
    4. A Co-worker
  2. Ask one of the individuals listed above to document the accident. Your company should have a document similar to an incident report that allows the employer to specify:
    1. Date of injury
    2. Mechanism of Injury
    3. Presence of any Witnesses
    4. Injuries Sustained
    5.  Location of Injury

      **Request the details of the accident/injury be written down on a piece of paper then dated.  This prevents an employer from disputing your account of the events or from alleging an accident did not occur in the workplace.**

  3. Make absolutely certain to report the incident within 30 days. Start counting with 1 on the date the injury occurred.  The 30-day time frame is set in stone by the Legislature. IF YOU HAVE BEEN INJURED  ON THE JOB  READ FURTHER

Do not feel threatened by your employer.  You have a right to report an industrial accident in Florida.  It is illegal for an employer to fire you for filing a Workers’ Compensation case.  It is illegal for an employer to fire you because you reported an industrial accident.  It is illegal for an employer to attempt to coerce or intimidate you into “forgetting” about a potential work accident/injury claim.

Our legal services will ensure that you are given the proper guidance throughout the process.  We will discuss the accident with the employer and get you the medical treatment you need as well as the lost wages to which you are entitled.


An injured worker should report an accident immediately without delay.  Delay may cause hiccups in the process.  It is very important to document the accident, as an employer may not report the accident to their insurance carrier. That document will serve as proof of reporting the accident to the correct supervisor/manager.

It’s crucial to call us and have representation from the onset of the claim.  We will file Petitions on your behalf, direct your medical treatment, and oversee your safe and healthy return to work.

Remember, it is your right to bring a claim.  Report without delay!

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