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Questions to Expect when Filing a Workers’ Compensation Case

If you’re filing a workers’ compensation case, there are a few questions you can expect from a workers’ compensation attorney.  Depending on your answers, your case may, or may not qualify for a case.  In the video below, Barry highlights 4 questions to expect when you’re filing a case.  These questions will let your attorney understand your situation better, as well as figure out if you have a qualifying case.

There are a few types of questions you can expect when filing a workers’ compensation claim in Florida.  These questions include:

  • How were you injured?

It is very important to document exactly how the accident occurred and the different types of injuries you sustained.

  • Who did you report the accident to?

Florida workers’ compensation law has a strict reporting requirement.  You must report the accident within 30 days of the accident.  For occupational exposure cases such as burns, and inhaling fumes, you must report the case within 30 days of the time you felt as if the workplace exposure caused the injury.

  • Do you have any lost wages due to the injury?

Essentially, were you not paid because of the injury you sustained?

  • Medical treatment?

Any medical care that you’ve had in the past will become relevant during the lifetime of your workers’ compensation case.  It’s important for us to get this information so we’re able to use it when filing your claim.

It’s essential to call the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group.  We offer a free initial consultation and you will never pay us out of pocket for your lawyer fees.  We work strictly on a contingency fee basis, and at the end of the settlement, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier will pay us the attorney fees directly.

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