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How To Choose A Disability Attorney You Can Trust

Now that you’ve decided to hire an attorney to help with your claim the tough part will be choosing that attorney. How do you find a disability attorney? From a friend? In the phone book? Or through a Google search? Whichever way you find your disability attorney make sure to do your research. Check out their website. Make sure you are comfortable with the staff. My number one rule in life whenever I seek someone else’s services I always make sure I trust that person. If you don’t trust the person you are relying on, then what’s the point? I follow this rule in every aspect of my life…whether it’s finding a dentist, or doctor, or even a veterinarian. If you are applying for a disability that means you are not working due to a physical or mental condition. You are in a tough financial situation and stress levels are high. Don’t add to your stress level by hiring an attorney who you don’t trust.

At the LaBovick Law Group, we understand your situation. We want to get you approved as fast as possible. We know how important those benefits are for you and your family. A lot of times it may mean the difference in keeping the lights on or not. We provide a free consultation at any stage in the process, from application through appeals. For more information, check out my website, and if you have specific questions about the program, feel free to call us at (561) 623-3681.

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