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What Can I Expect to Receive From a Workers’ Compensation Case?

I receive emails and phone calls on a daily basis from clients and potential clients. The most common question I’m asked is what a client is able to receive from a Workers’ Compensation case. Florida Workers’ Compensation is an imperfect system. Without an experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation attorney, the waters get muddy very quickly. Adjusters refuse to answer questions and/or calls. Many frustrated workers “give up” hope that the Workers’ Compensation insurer will do the right thing. That begs the question, what CAN YOU expect to receive from a Workers’ Compensation case?



You can expect to receive Medical Benefits paid by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company. If the Insurance carrier accepts your claim as compensable (accepts that the injury occurred at work and you were injured as a result of it), they’ll pay.

Examples of Medical Benefits:

1) Primary Care Doctor

2) Orthopedic Doctor

3) MRI’s, XRAY’s

4) Physical/Occupational Therapy

5) Durable Medical Equipment-Back Braces, Neck Braces, etc.

6) Pain Management/Physiatrist

**It’s essential to communicate with an experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation attorney. We’ll expedite the process of obtaining these medical benefits. You’ll need a referral for any medical benefit with the exception of an initial primary care doctor.


If you’re unable to return to work and your Workers Compensation doctor places you on restrictions, the insurance carrier will pay you lost wages. You’re entitled to 66 and 2/3 of your average weekly wage. Your average weekly wage is the amount of money you were making on a weekly basis 13 weeks prior to the accident. It’s essential to contact LaBovick Law Group’s experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys regarding lost wage entitlement. Many insurance carriers underpay or omit payment altogether. We’ll make sure the payment is received timely, and the correct amount is paid to you. Do not delay.


If you’re unable to drive to appointments the Workers’ Compensation insurance company will set up transportation for medical appointments. We’ll help you facilitate this arrangement. They will also provide a translator if necessary. If you choose to drive to appointments Workers’ Compensation will pay for your mileage. We’ll send you mileage sheets to fill out. We’ll request reimbursement from the insurance carrier for the round trip to your medical appointments.


Down the road, you’ll be able to settle your case. The Settlement proceeds are paid in a lump sum-no taxes paid on the monies. There’s no scientific method to settling a case. You need a Florida attorney that is experienced, aggressive, and will go the extra mile to secure the maximum results. No two cases are identical despite similar injuries. We’re battle-tested and we’ve meditated with the best. You can count on the experienced attorneys at LaBovick Law Group to maximize your Florida Workers’ Compensation case.

It is essential for employees who are injured on the job to have a Florida Workers Compensation Attorney review all of their documents prior to filing a Florida Workers Compensation lawsuit.. Our system is designed to do that seamlessly and effortlessly once we file your Workers Compensation lawsuit. We’ll make sure you receive all medical, lost wages, and rehabilitative benefits.

Our firm, LaBovick Law Group has proven, time and time again, to spearhead the attack on insurance companies who mislead injured workers and act against their obligations on the Workers Compensation Law. We will not back down from a fight, even against a giant company like McDonald’s.

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