Burn Injury at Work: You Are Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Injuries occur on a daily basis in the workplace. One may slip while reaching for a cup in the breakroom, or an employee may injure him or herself in a motor vehicle accident while picking up a delivery. However, these “typical injuries” are not the only accidents covered under the Florida Workers’ Compensation law. Imagine working as a cook at Hogsnapper’s Shack and Sushi. A couple of orders grilled salmon with a side of white rice. You place the raw salmon on the grill, season it and your hand accidentally makes contact with the scalding hot grill. Your first thought is shock and the next feeling is pain.

What to do after a workplace burn injury?

1) Report the workplace burn injury to a supervisor, boss, or co-worker

You ABSOLUTELY want a workplace burn injury report filled out by your employer.

2) Report the specific injury to your employer

****DID YOU KNOW*****

You may receive worker’s compensation medical and lost wage benefits for burns.

First, Second, and Third Degree burns are all covered under Florida Workers’ Compensation law. Your employer’s insurance carrier will pay for all treatment including any emergency or primary medical treatment received the day/night of the workers’ compensation burn injury.

3) Request Medical Treatment

A workplace burn injury is treated the same as any accident that occurs while on the job. You are entitled to medical care. If the doctor takes you out of work for an extended period of time, you will likewise receive lost wages. It is essential you request the treatment as soon you sustain the workplace burn injury. We will fight to secure primary doctors, emergency care, plastic surgeons (if necessary), and any other physician necessary to provide adequate care for your workplace burn injury. There is certainly Workers’ Compensation benefits relief for burn injuries!

4) Contact an experienced Florida Workers Compensation Attorney

Do not delay! If you wait, the Insurance Company may deny benefits. Workers’ Compensation Insurance carriers are in the business of delaying treatment. They would rather deny payment upfront and potentially settle a case months, or in some cases, years later. We are advocates for injured employees throughout the state of Florida. Our main goal is to obtain immediate medical treatment for you. We have litigated hundreds of workers’ compensation cases and know exactly what needs to be done to secure medical treatment and lost wage benefits for you. We represent injured workers who sustain workplace burn injuries on a daily basis. We fight for you to ensure benefits are provided immediately after sustaining a burn injury on the job.


LaBovick Law Group has two zealous advocates who represent workers on a daily basis for injuries that occur on the job. Do not delay calling us for workplace burn injuries. We will fight to ensure the Workers’ Compensation insurance company does the right thing; namely, provide medical treatment and lost wage benefits with NO DELAY! Without an experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, your claim may sit on an adjuster’s desk collecting dust for weeks. Workplace burn injuries can be traumatic. Do not let fear of reprisal overcome you! We are here to ensure you receive the treatment and benefits to which you are entitled. Do not let the insurer win. Call us 24-7, for a free consultation to discuss what LaBovick Law Group can do for you.

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