How to Avoid Medical Benefit Denial

Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carriers attempt to delay and deny medical treatment and care. The goal of the carrier is to frustrate injured workers into submission-in that, you give up your claim in exchange for either a nominal amount of money or dismiss it before you receive medical care.  Workplace injuries are painful enough; do not let the Insurance Companies take advantage of you! Call the experienced and trusted Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys at LaBovick Law Group.


  • Make sure you attend all scheduled appointments.
    1. The carrier will deny benefits for non-compliance if you skip appointments. This includes physical therapy, MRI and another type of treatment. Make sure to contact our office to reschedule any appointment you cannot appear at.
  • Tell your authorized treating doctor about any and all previous injuries.
    1. The Workers’ Compensation insurance company may deny benefits if you omit information from your treating physician. Be upfront with your doctor; tell him/her about previous workplace injuries or motor vehicle accidents. The attorney for the insurance company will eventually subpoena your medical records for a comprehensive overview of your medical history. Hiding the past treatment will only lead to a denial of medical care.
    2. We will make sure to object to any request that is irrelevant or overbroad. The Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys at LaBovick Law Group strive to educate our clients about medical care and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to medical appointments.
  • Do not treat with your “own” doctors and skip Workers’ Compensation appointments.
    1. The Workers’ Compensation carrier will generally schedule your medical appointments with doctors within their network. You may be able to choose a physician in rare instances such as when the carrier fails to provide treatment within a reasonable time. However, DO Not SKIP a scheduled appointment by the insurance company to treat with your own physician. Unfortunately, two negative outcomes may occur:
      1. Your medical benefits may be cut/denied.
      2. You may receive a bill from your physician that the carrier won’t reimburse.

2. The Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group will make sure you receive the best medical treatment possible under the Florida Workers’ Compensation system. Please call us prior to treating with your own physicians.


  • Make sure to attend all appointments scheduled by the insurance company.
  • Answer all of the physicians’ questions regarding your previous treatment related to this workplace accident.
  • Explain in detail the injuries sustained in the workplace accident when initially meeting with the authorized treating doctor.
    1. Do not treat with your own private physician prior to contacting The Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group.
  • Send us all bills and notes regarding ANY treatment you’ve received outside of the Workers’ Compensation system.


It’s essential for you to hire an experienced South Florida Workers’ Comp. Lawyer. LaBovick Law Group specializes in advocating for our client’s rights as the leading Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in South Florida. We offer a comprehensive free Initial Consultation. That’s right, we DO NOT CHARGE a penny for an initial consultation. We’ll discuss the potential for settlement and case strategy. It’s essential to attend all medical appointments scheduled by the insurance company. If treatment is not scheduled within a  reasonable time,  DO NOT wait for the Insurance Company to do the right thing, contact LaBovick Law Group, 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re here to fight for you

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