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What Do You Need to File a Successful Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit?

Imagine getting injured on the job. You’re in pain and embarrassed because your co-workers saw you slip and fall. It’s possible that you’d like to run home and forget the accident occurred. DO NOT LET YOUR EMOTIONS GET THE BEST OF YOU! It’s essential to report the accident as soon as possible. Reporting the accident outside of 30 days will automatically preclude a case. Next, you will want to document the accident by filing a Workers Compensation lawsuit. Here’s a list of what you need to file a successful Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit.

  • You need a Workplace Accident to File a Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit
    • Generally, all injuries are covered so long as you were injured while on the job.
    • However, accidents occurring while driving to and from work ARE NOT covered.
  • Obtain an Accident Report
    • Ask for a Notice of Injury/Accident report
    • At the least ask your employer to fill a report out. This will benefit you in the long run if your employer attempts to dispute your accident.
  • Paystubs
    • It’s essential we receive a copy of your paystubs. Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Florida need information as to what company you truly work for. Many companies in Florida go by fictitious names. We need the correct company name to file a proper Worker’s Compensation Lawsuit.
    • Moreover, we need to file the Worker’s Compensation lawsuit against the insurance carrier. We’ll gather that information from your paystub/company’s name.
  • Get a copy of the Police Report if Relevant
    • If you were involved in an on-the-job motor vehicle accident or assaulted in the workplace obtain a copy of the police report. Any and all documents will assist us in filing a proper claim.
  • Make sure to refuse any recorded statements.
    • Generally, a Worker’s Compensation insurance company will ask for a recorded statement about what caused your injuries. Be sure to deny the offer until you’ve discussed your situation with an experienced Florida Worker’s Compensation attorney.
  • You must report the accident within 30 days to file a Proper Worker’s Compensation Lawsuit
    • Report your accident to a boss, manager or co-worker
  • Seek medical treatment after the accident.
    • The Worker’s Compensation insurance company will pay for all treatment. Be sure to go and treat to ensure the carrier continues to pay your claim. If you’re in a lot of pain the day of the accident go to the ER or a local walk-in clinic.
  • Tell the Doctor, Hospital or Walk-in Clinic you sustained a workplace injury
    • This is crucial. Make sure to tell all doctors how you hurt yourself and what injuries you sustained.
  • Hire an Experienced Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Florida – LLD
    • LaBovick Law Group and Diaz Law Group have litigated thousands of Worker’s Compensation cases throughout the state of Florida. We know how to negotiate properly with the insurance carriers to maximize your recovery.
  • If your doctor takes you out of work you must tell your employer about the restrictions.
    • It’s important to tell your boss about any light-duty restrictions your treating doctors give you. You’re entitled to lost wage benefits if your employer does not offer a job within the restrictions.


It is essential for employees who are injured on the job to have a Florida Work Accident Attorney review all of their documents prior to filing a Florida Workers Compensation lawsuit. Worker’s Compensation denials are common mechanisms used by the insurer to delay payment. We have tried and true litigation solutions to ensure you receive medical and lost wage benefits. You have no idea how many cases we’ve won medical and lost wage benefits for our clients. Our system is designed to do that seamlessly and effortlessly once we file your Worker’s Compensation lawsuit.

Our firm, LaBovick Law Group, has proven time and time again to spearhead the attack on insurance companies who mislead injured workers and act against their obligations on the Worker’s Compensation Law. We will not back down from a fight, even against a giant company like Walgreens. Please feel free to call us regarding the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS we receive.

This message is for injured workers and Personal Injury Attorneys:  Give us a call. Let us prove our value!  Let us ensure medical and lost wage benefits for workers injured on the job.  We are available 24/7/365 for a call at (561) 623-3681. Once we make contact I will provide you with my personal cell number so you always have access to a Workers Compensation for questions on the fly!

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