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Six Tips To Remember When Preparing For A Hurricane!

Hurricane season is here and the peak of the season is right around the corner. Are you prepared if a hurricane hits your area? There are many things that can help you stay safe when a hurricane comes along but here are six tips to remember when you are preparing for that major storm!

  1. Make sure you have an emergency kit that and that it is fully stocked! The kit should include basic survival items for you and your family. Two of the most important things to include are food and water. There should be a two-week supply of water and non-perishable food for each member of your family as well as any pets. Some other items to include in your emergency kit are a first-aid kit, change of clothes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, blankets and sleeping bags, etc.
  2. Double check your insurance coverage! It’s important to make sure that it reflects that current state of your home.  Also, if you don’t already have it, you should consider getting flood insurance and coverage in case your house is flooded in the storm!
  3. Have an established evacuation plan. Having an escape route all planned out can highly reduce stress levels if the time comes where you need to evacuate! Talk with your friends and family and make sure everyone has transportation to a safe spot. That includes your pets! It’s also a good idea to set up and out of state contact that everyone can call if separated.
  4. Take inventory of your home. This step will be important if you have to file any sort of claim for damages made to your home. You can do this by taking a video of your house as well as keeping receipts for important and valuable items.  Something else to think about is to possibly have separate coverage for these valuable items.
  5. Protect your property! Install things like hurricane shutters or keep outdoor plywood boards for each window in your home.
  6. Don’t take silly and unnecessary risks!  This may seem like common sense but you would be surprised! Evacuate your home if the weather calls for it!

Hurricanes can be devastating and scary! That is why it is so important to have your property and your family ready for any hurricane that may come your way!

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