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Articles about Qui Tam

The Fox is Guarding the Hen House

As a Qui Tam Attorney who enjoys prosecuting fraud cases, especially tax fraud, this is total ABSURDITY! On August 30, 2017, Julian Schmoke, Jr. was appointed by the Trump administration to lead the Student Aid Enforcement Unit of the Department of Education. This unit was created under President Obama to


Whistleblowers and Tax Fraud

How many people cheat on their taxes?  I am sure it is millions.  In fact, I would venture to say that a clear majority of people, in some way, intentionally under-report their total taxable income.  The term for the amount of money the IRS loses on unpaid or under paid


Tax Whistleblowers

What would you estimate is the amount of money which the IRS fails to collect every year?  Certainly the IRS knows many people and especially big business doesn’t always pay the “right” amount in taxes  In fact every year people and big companies do just the opposite. They actually and


Tax Court Denies IRS Motion

  We have been working for Tax Whistleblowers since 2007.  During that time the tax courts, the IRS and the Justice Department have tried over and over again to limit the payouts to tax whistleblowers.  They throw up roadblocks and try to leverage the whistleblower into lowering the amount they


Who Can Bring a Whistleblower or Qui Tam case?

The scary answer for businesses on who can file a qui-tam or whistleblower case is anyone who has the information.  That means this person can range anywhere from the janitor who finds the paperwork in the trash,  the secretary of the President who can see what is going on, or


National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

What an amazing day today actually is! What do you say? It’s not my birthday! It’s not the 4th of July!  It’s not even National Send your Grandma a Hallmark Card Day! What is today? Today is National Whistleblower Day! I am sure you count the days each year for

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