Deep Frying A Turkey? Stay Safe With These 12 Safety Tips

  1.  Always set up your fryer outside and away from any overhangs (like awnings or garage ceilings).
  2. Keep the fryer away from flammable areas on the ground (like leaves or wood decks).
  3. Place the fryer on a level surface.
  4. Never use the fryer outdoors in the rain.
  5. Keep the propane tank at least two feet away from the flame.
  6. Never leave the fryer unattended.
  7. Oil and water do not mix.  Before putting your bird into the fryer, make sure it is completely thawed and patted dry.  Dropping a frozen or partially frozen bird into the oil will cause the oil to react violently and erupt in flames.
  8. Avoid water-based marinade injections.  If the marinade leaks out during frying, a flare-up may occur.
  9. Do not overfill the fryer with oil.
  10. Turn the burner off while dropping in the turkey.  You can turn it on again once the bird is safely in the oil.
  11. Use oven mitts when dropping the turkey in and removing it in case of splattering oil
  12. Keep small children and pets away from the fryer while in use.

Deep frying a turkey is truly a delicious experience (trust me).  While frying can be a dangerous way to prepare a tasty Thanksgiving meal, if done safely there is little risk of injury or property damage.  Nobody wants to be injured for the Holidays, so please use extra caution if planning on frying a bird for Thanksgiving dinner.

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