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Hit and Run Boating Accident in Juno critically injures Teen

Boating season has officially started and we know that because of the first tragic accident that occurred this past Saturday near the Juno pier. Like many accidents, this could have been avoided if the captain understood boating safety. Apparently, a fourteen-year-old girl attempted to board a 22-foot boat in shallow water near the beach.

The seas were choppy and the wind-up. This idea was doomed to fail from the beginning and any captain with half a brain would have never agreed to engage in this dangerous activity. As the boat pitched, the captain engaged the engine and revved the motor, the prop spun and chopped up the girl’s legs. Then the nitwit captain left the girl bleeding in the water.

The boat was eventually found and the cowardly captain identified. Hopefully, criminal charges will follow and the captain should feel blessed the girl did not die. Sadly, this could have all been avoided by using a little common sense and some boating safety knowledge.

Click on the following link to read more on the Teen Injured in the Juno Boating Accident:

14-Year-Old Girl’s Leg Cut By Boat Propeller

Gardens girl hit by boat propeller lost part of the left leg

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