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Car Manufacturers Can Be Held Responsible for Failure to Install Side Air Bags

Many of us confidently secure ourselves into our cars daily. We use seat belt safety and defensive driving skills to ensure our well-being on any given car trip. However, numerous cars on the road are concealing a hidden danger: the lack of adequate airbags – specifically side-impact airbags – that are integral in preventing injury and death.

The fact that there are still vehicles without side airbags sold to consumers is shocking when we take into account that fatalities from side-impact car accidents are second only to those caused by frontal impacts.  Side-impact airbags, specifically those with head protection, can substantially reduce fatality risk – by up to 42 percent. They also lower the incidence of fatal occupant ejection by 30 percent, not to mention protect against paralyzing injuries.
Car manufacturers have a responsibility to guarantee that vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies that have been found to aid in the prevention of injury and death in the event of a crash. Car dealerships must also be aware and forthright about any crucial mechanisms that may be missing from sold vehicles, especially in older models. In cases where consumers were injured or killed due to a lack of side airbags in the vehicles purchased, a civil suit can be brought against the vehicle manufacturer.
A well-organized investigation by an attorney and his/her team of experts is necessary to ensure that restitution may be sought for victims.
While nothing can make up for the damages or fatalities caused by these accidents, it important to know that litigation can be brought against vehicle manufacturers for neglecting to install these life-saving devices.
Information gathered from “Failure to Install Side Air Bags” found in the March 2013 issue of Trial Magazine.
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