Lenovo Computers Are Programmed To Spy On You!

I hope Lenovo goes bankrupt fighting the thousands of lawsuits Superfish is going to cause them!  They deserve it!  ABC News broke a story that is driving me crazy.  We are investigating an upcoming class action case against Lenovo, Inc. for pre-installing spyware on their computers.  Yes, before you even open the box, the manufacturer has apparently conspired to work with a spyware software company to spy on you, to make you vulnerable to malware and to track your behavior.

Lenovo is a huge Chinese laptop computer maker. They have been caught pre-installing a software called Superfish Visual Discovery on their laptops.  This “adware”, which really should be called “spyware”, violates wiretap laws and trespass laws by spying on their customers.  Superfish will track your Web searches, literally all your browsing.  But it also leaves your PC more vulnerable to future malware attacks.

Since purchasing Lenovo from IBM, the company has racked up huge profits even in the sluggish PC market.  They make solid laptops and which are reasonably priced. That is not going to matter if they were spying on their customers and violating their right to privacy.

I hope this bothers you as much as it bothers me.  The fact that we are being invaded at all angles is incredibly scary. Did you know the TVs Samsung manufactures can watch you through their camera as easily as you watch TV?  It is identical to the black wall boxes that watched all citizens in Orwell’s 1984!

As for Superfish, there is already one lawsuit filed by noted blogger Jessica Bennett.  She found the Superfish software was tracking her browsing and invaded her privacy.  She was smart enough to notice the ads popping up while she researched a blog post where the same ads on different searches.  She determined the software was loaded on her new computer!

So what does Lenovo say about this?  Lenovo’s Chief Tech Officer said, “We messed up badly”.

I think that sums it up!

The Lenovo laptops and PCs which have been pre-loaded can allow hackers to steal your passwords or private information. This is especially true if you purchase stuff using a webshop, or if you pay bills, or even when you check email.   SuperFish was included on Lenovo products shipped between September 2014 and February 2015. These are the models we are investigating:

G Series:
G410, G510, G710, G40-70, G50-70, G40-30, G50-30, G40-45, G50-45, G40-80
U Series:
U330P, U430P, U330Touch, U430Touch, U530Touch
Y Series:
Y430P, Y40-70, Y50-70, Y40-80, Y70-70
Z Series:
Z40-75, Z50-75, Z40-70, Z50-70, Z70-80
S Series:
S310, S410, S40-70, S415, S415Touch, S435, S20-30, S20-30Touch
Flex Series:
Flex2 14D, Flex2 15D, Flex2 14, Flex2 15, Flex2 Pro, Flex 10
MIIX Series:
MIIX2-8, MIIX2-10, MIIX2-11, MIIX 3 1030
YOGA Series:
YOGA2Pro-13, YOGA2-13, YOGA2-11, YOGA3 Pro
E Series:
Edge Series:
Lenovo Edge 15

If you own any of these models, please contact our law office.  We are gathering people affected to right by this terrible wrong and helping to make it right.

Thank you for your attention and responses.

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