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West Palm Beach PIP Attorney

The West Palm Beach PIP attorneys at LaBovick Law Group specialize in assisting medical providers with payment collections for care provided to patients from auto insurance companies. We have a dedicated PIP collections department available to review your case free of charge.

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You have the right to hire an attorney early on in the insurance process. Choose a West Palm Beach PIP attorney with experience handling these claims in Florida

In Florida, all automobile drivers must carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This coverage is designed to reimburse medical providers for the care they lend to drivers who are injured in accidents, regardless of fault. PIP insurance is a unique type of coverage required in no-fault states.

Why Hire LaBovick Law Group for Your PIP Claim?

  • Our PIP lawyers have the resources and experience to be successful in any case against any defendant, including large and powerful institutions such as auto insurance companies.
  • We are a full-service law firm that handles PIP claims in West Palm Beach from start to finish. We always protect our clients’ best interests.
  • We are well-known in the South Florida community and have a longstanding reputation for excellence. Our attorneys have a long history of securing positive case results.
  • LaBovick Law Group operates on a contingency fee basis for all West Palm Beach PIP cases, meaning you do not pay anything unless we win.

How Can a West Palm Beach PIP Lawyer Help?

Although PIP coverage is meant to reimburse a care provider, many medical providers struggle to recover fair payments from drivers’ motor vehicle insurance carriers. Hiring a qualified PIP claims attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida can ensure fair and just repayment for what you spent on an injured victim’s medical care.

A lawyer can help you avoid being underpaid or not paid at all. Your attorney can fight to recover fair PIP benefits from an auto insurance company on your behalf. Your lawyer can handle complicated claims paperwork, benefits documentation, and settlement negotiations for you. Finally, a West Palm Beach car accident attorney experienced in PIP claims can take an auto insurance company to trial in Florida, if necessary.

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A claims and collections lawyer knows how to protect the rights of medical providers who render aid to those seriously injured in auto accidents. We can help you receive the payment you need.

How Do PIP Claims Work?

As a health provider in Florida, you should not have to pay for a patient’s care without proper reimbursement. Unfortunately, auto insurance companies want to save money and profit their investors by diminishing and denying PIP claims. There are steps you must take to successfully recover compensation through a PIP insurance claim. They include:

  • Collecting information. Upon patient intake, provide certain documents to collect as much information as possible. These include a contract for services, letter of protection, and assignment of benefits form.
  • Send the bill quickly. Being the first to submit your bill to the PIP insurance carrier can ensure the collection benefits. Florida law gives hospitals a 30-day window where at least $5,000 in insurance benefits are preserved. This grace period is not provided for doctors, however.
  • Hire a PIP claims attorney. Auto insurance companies are notorious for diminishing payouts. To make sure your claim gets paid in full, hire a skilled West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer experienced in PIP claims to handle the legal process for you. An attorney will use proven strategies to ensure fair and full repayment of the medical care you provided to a patient.

Free Consultation With a PIP Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

At LaBovick Law Group, our personal injury protection claims attorneys can help ensure you aren’t underpaid or unpaid by an auto insurance company. We assist medical providers in Florida, including doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and surgical centers in recovering PIP benefits for medical services provided to car accident victims. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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