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When an injury or illness causes a physical, mental, or emotional disability to the point that you cannot work, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Our West Palm Beach Social Security Disability Lawyers can help you. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.


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Our West Palm Beach Social Security Disability Lawyers are ready and willing to help ease the process of claiming a SSDI

Why Choose LaBovick Law Group?

  • We are longtime advocates for the people of Florida state with disabilities.
  • With our extensive experience, we can advise on the next steps and give your case the attention it needs to maximize your benefits.
  • We are familiar with the legal process for appealing denied claims and the types of evidence required to prove your disability.

Why You Need a West Palm Beach Social Security Disability Lawyer

It is not uncommon for valid social security disability claims to be denied, but with an attorney, your chances of approval significantly increase. Through every step of the process, an experienced attorney can offer advice and collect the evidence required to present your case in the most favorable manner. If your claim is denied or you receive an unfavorable determination that must be appealed and heard at an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing, a personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach will have the resources required to hire a Medical Expert or Vocational Expert to testify to your disability and will also prepare you for any questions the judge may ask. If your case must be taken to further stages of appeal, your attorney will represent you in front of the Appeals Council or in federal court.

Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
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West Palm Beach Social Security Disability Lawyer

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Approximately 62 percent of first-time applicants for Social Security Disability benefits are denied. We can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Two criteria must be met to qualify for SSDI benefits. First, you must have:

  • Worked in a job(s) covered by Social Security for a specified amount of time; and,
  • You must be suffering from a medical condition defined as a disability by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Disability under Social Security is based on your inability to work. Under Social Security rules, the SSA considers you disabled if:

  • Your condition prohibits you from doing the work that you did before;
  • You cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition; and,
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or is expected to result in death.

SSDI benefits do not pay for partial or short-term disability.

The Social Security Disability Claims Process

The Social Security Administration will review your initial application to see if you meet the basic requirements. It will then be sent to Florida’s Disability Determination Services (DDS) office. The office will investigate and determine whether the medical evidence supports your disability claim. Evidence about your medical history, tests, treatments, and ability to work, from your physicians, treating hospitals, clinics or institutions will be considered.

The DDS office will then decide if you qualify. If your claim is approved, you will be notified by letter, which will show the number of benefits and when the payments will start. If you are denied, the letter will explain why and tell you how to appeal the decision.

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