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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Florida

Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Florida

Our long history and substantial experience in personal injury cases allows us to be particularly effective in representing clients in serious work-related claims. Workers’ compensation is a benefit that is available to nearly all employees who suffer an injury that arose out of and in the course of their employment. The attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group are devoted to assisting victims in working through this complicated area of law in order to receive a fair resolution to Florida workers’ compensation claims.

Work-related injuries typically covered by workers’ compensation include: Neck, back, and knee injuries Carpal tunnel/repetitive trauma injuries Hearing problems Work-related emotional problems Work-induced heart attack or stroke Occupational diseases such as asbestosis and dermatitis Asthma or other work-related pulmonary conditions Loss of use of limbs Eye injuries.

Do You Have A Work Related Injury?

Some of the most common questions regarding worker’s compensation claims:


Eye Injuries

It is possible that airborne irritants or prolonged straining of the eyes can lead to a negative impact on an employee’s vision.

Hearing Loss

Constant exposure to loud noises can create a gradual loss of hearing. It is important to recognize that this can occur even with hearing protection being properly used

Hand Injury

If an employee is performing a repetitive hand movement it can often lead to wrist pain and even nerve damage.

What types of injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation?

Most injuries that can be connected in some way or another to a job requirement or condition will be covered under workers’ compensation.  This can include sudden injuries (for example: broken bones from falling or a cut from sharp tools) or injuries and illnesses that have occurred overtime (for example: carpel tunnel from using a computer or a form of cancer from being around certain conditions or chemicals.)

The following is a list of common injuries that often go over-looked by an employee as a work-related injury:

These injuries usually take place at the employee’s workplace but often times can also occur in a company-owned vehicle or other unspecified location as long as the employee had been completing a task connected to their job the injury can be a workers’ compensation claim.

What expenses will workers compensation insurance cover?

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover the following expenses:

  • Compensation for any injury that is permanent
  • Any medical care from the illness or injury including doctors’ visits, medications and surgeries if needed.
  • Any costs for retraining or rehabilitation
  • Replacement of income lost (usually this amounts to two-thirds of the employees average pay )
  • Benefits to the survivors of an employee killed on the job

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation sometimes called “workers comp” or “workmen’s comp” is a form of insurance available to an employee who has been injured while on the job. This insurance provides the injured employee with medical benefits as well as wage replacement and it is offered to the employee to prevent them from suing their employer.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault benefit system that was put in place to assist workers who had sustained an injury or developed an illness due to their working environment or working conditions. This means that there is no need for the employee to prove that the injury that occurred was someone else’s fault.

There are two basic requirements that must be met for an employee to be eligible for workers’ compensation.

  1. You must be an employee of a company that offers workers’ compensation insurance or a company that was supposed to have it.
  2. Your injury must have come from the result of a work-related duty.

Who is covered by worker’s compensation?

Most employees are going to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance but coverage can vary depending on the state. For example; it is common for some states to exclude independent contractors, volunteers, seasonal workers and agricultural workers from coverage.

There are also some states that only require coverage if an employer has met a minimum number of employees. In most cases if an employer has five or fewer employees then they are not always required to carry workers compensation insurance.

If you are an employee for the federal government you will be covered under the federal workers’ compensation insurance program and therefore not a state’s worker’s comp.

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