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Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer

You are going through a bad situation after a bicycle accident. The physical and emotional damage is visible over time.

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Bicycle accidents in Massachusetts are on the rise, often caused by collisions with vehicles, poor road conditions, or driver errors.

Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

Unfortunately, bicycle accident cases are becoming more and more frequent in Massachusetts. Many people are affected by these situations.

Injuries occur that can be minor or last a lifetime. So when they do occur, you need to act quickly.

Here are some of the most common cases:

  • Accidents With Vehicles: Cars, trucks, motorbikes can cause bicycle accidents. They can occur because of distractions, blind spots, failure to yield, disregard Bicycle Lane Use and Rights.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Accidents can occur because of potholes, slippery roads, faulty signage, and other problems.
  • Failure To Follow Road Traffic Safety And Laws Rules: Both drivers and cyclists may disregard traffic rules or speed at times.
  • Opening The Door When Parked: Accidents can occur when cars open their doors and hit cyclists as they are passing.
  • Drunk Drivers: Alcohol or drugs cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, as well as cyclists.
  • Hit And Run Bicycle Accidents: It happens when a vehicle hits a bicycle and leaves the scene.
  • Bad Weather Conditions: Storms, snow, hail. They reduce visibility and can lead to loss of control of the car or bicycle. This causes serious accidents.
  • Faulty Bicycles: When the person is riding a bicycle, he may have a failure and lose control. This is how accidents happen.
  • Cyclist Error: Cyclists sometimes fail to obey traffic laws, or drive while distracted, resulting in serious accidents.

It should be taken into account that if a driver runs over you, that person should pay and you can request Insurance Claims for Cyclists.

In any of these situations, the best thing to do is to call a Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer. These collisions cause injuries and you deserve to be compensated for them.

What To Do After A Bicycle Accident

After a bicycle accident you should follow a series of steps to take care of your health and well-being, and do the right things to collect the necessary items that will help you in your case.

Here are some of the things you should do:

  • Seek Medical Attention And Call 911: When you go through a bicycle accident you should seek help and get medical and police reports. This will make your case stronger in the future. 
  • Gather Information: Exchange with the parties involved their personal information, such as names, phone numbers, number plate, insurance, and others.
  • Take Photos And Videos: Take everything relevant to the scene of the accident to present as evidence like the damage to your bicycle in need of repair and your injuries.
  • Obtain Witness Statements: Ask for their personal details so that they can support your evidence.
  • Seek Help From A Legal Professional: A Massachusetts Bike Accident Lawyer will evaluate your case thoroughly to provide you with the best options and give you personalized advice for your situation.

Most Common Bicycle Injuries

When bicycle accidents happen, the consequences are unfortunately remarkable. Minor or severe injuries can occur. Some can change a person’s life forever.

The most common injuries are:

  • Head Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Limb Injuries
  • Internal Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Cuts And Bruises

Wearing a helmet can reduce the serious consequences of these types of incidents. That is why we recommend that you become aware of this situation. Contact a Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer if you have any doubts.

Bicycle Safety Recommendations

To prevent bicycle accidents, you can take certain precautions and safety standards. Most importantly, wear a helmet. This will prevent serious head injuries.

It should be noted that bicyclists are not as protected as cars, so damages can be greater due to the force and weight of other vehicles.

You should also pay attention that the bicycle is in good condition, and in optimal working order. That is, that the wheels, brakes and lights are in good working order. Just in case, always carry necessary items for repairs.

Wearing reflective gear is very useful at night, so that vehicles on the road can see you. Signal your turns and all actions using clear signs.

Pay attention to maintaining safe distances between vehicles and bicycles to avoid accidents.

It is important not to speed and to choose routes with less traffic. Of course, you have to obey traffic signs and signals. If you can, participate in road safety education programs, this will help you to act correctly when it is necessary.

Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
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Abogado de Accidentes de Bicicleta en Massachusetts

with a LaBovick Law Group legal expert

To file a claim after a bicycle accident, a Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer investigates the cause, determines liability, and negotiates with insurance companies.

A Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer Will Determine Fault In A Bicycle Accident

In a bicycle accident the important thing is to determine Driver and Cyclist Liability. It may be another party, multiple parties, or you yourself may be somewhat at fault for what happened.

Some of the other parties that can be sued may be, for example, the place where your bicycle was manufactured if it was faulty, the responsible road conditions, those who drive other vehicles, a government entity, among others.

To do that you must look at everything that happened in your accident. Here are some of the steps a Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer will take to do this:

  • Thorough Investigation: The attorney will gather all the details of your accident, from reports, testimonials, documentation, photos, videos and everything related to your case.
  • Evaluation Of The Laws And The Legal System: The attorney will look at whether the parties failed to comply with any rules and regulations, so it is important that the professional has expert knowledge of the matter.
  • Analysis Of The Conduct And Circumstances Of What Happened: The actions of the parties involved will be analyzed to determine negligence or recklessness.
  • Comparative Negligence In Massachusetts: This will analyze what each party has done and determine the degree of culpability, according to what has happened.
  • Expert Opinion: Experts will be consulted to fully understand what caused the accident and the injuries that occurred as a result.

A Massachusetts Bike Accident Lawyer will be the person who is on your side at all times. He will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your case until you obtain the success you deserve.

A Massachusetts Bike Accident Lawyer Will Fight For Maximum Compensation For Your Case

Damages correspond to a financial compensation requested by the plaintiff to help cover the financial part related to the incident.

A Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer will seek what you deserve for what you have suffered in the incident. That is why he will fight for the damages caused. These are some of them you can seek:

  • Medical Expenses: This is related to medical bills, surgeries, medications, transfers, rehabilitations, therapies, among others.
  • Lost And Future Wages: Due to a bicycle accident you may be unable to work. This will seek payment for your lost wages and the wages you would have had if the incident had not occurred.
  • Property Damage: You may seek the repair of your bicycle or the replacement of specific damage.
  • Pain And Suffering: Because of the accident, you have severe physical and emotional pain related to fear, stress, anxiety and other trauma.
  • Loss Of Quality Of Life: Because of the accident, you will not be able to perform certain activities that you used to do on a daily basis. Therefore, you must be compensated.

How Long A Lawyer Has To File A Lawsuit

When an incident occurs in Massachusetts you have a certain amount of time to make Bicycle Accident Claims. This is set forth in the Statute Of Limitations.

Generally the time limit is three years. This means that the person has that time to file a request from the collision. He can do so for the injuries caused or for the other damages caused.

Keep in mind that all cases are different and this time frame may vary depending on the specific circumstances of what happened. 

Our Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer recommends that you act quickly because after this deadline the right you have to file a lawsuit may expire.

A legal professional will act within the time limits established by law to complete the steps in time and overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Contact Our LaBovick Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer For Help

You are going through a complicated situation in your life after a bicycle accident. You didn’t think it was going to happen to you when you left your home.

It affected your life and your family’s life. You have bills to pay and a person who acted against you causing you injuries. You deserve to have professionals fight for you and your justice.

LaBovick is a legal team with over 30 years of experience in Personal Injury Law and Massachusetts General Laws – Bicycle Regulations. We have offices throughout this area. We are here to help you.

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Our goal is to create value by exceeding the expectations of all customers. We take care of your needs and see the benefits you can get for the ills caused.

We work in close collaboration with each customer. We want to be a part of what has happened to you so we can tell you what you can do about it.

We like to give personalized legal advice. Forging with our clients a relationship of communication, trust and commitment. Fight for your rights because they are worth it.

We want to do an investigation of your case, collect the evidence and meet the deadlines required. It is a long process but you have nothing to worry about. 

Remember that when you go through these situations, the best thing to do is not to talk to the insurance companies so that they do not reduce your claim. They will always try to do so, but a lawyer will let it happen. We will negotiate with them for you.

It is also important that you take care of your recovery, so we will contact the best doctors to take care of your treatment.

We don’t want money to be a concern for you. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay us until we win.

Don’t wait any longer. You are suffering and you have to recover quickly. By following the necessary steps, you will be able to move on with your life.

We respond to our clients’ calls as quickly as possible. We focus all our attention on your case and we will give you the solution you were waiting for. Call our Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer for a free case exploration and consultation.

about Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A lawyer will help you determine liability in your case and support you in the legal process.

You should call 911 to request a report from the authorities and seek medical attention. Collect all necessary evidence.

You can claim for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, among others.

Head injuries, internal bleeding, spinal cord injuries, burns, bruises, fractures, among others.