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Tax Whistleblowers

What would you estimate is the amount of money which the IRS fails to collect every year?  Certainly the IRS knows many people and especially big business doesn’t always pay the “right” amount in taxes  In fact every year people and big companies do just the opposite. They actually and intentionally cheat on their taxes!  Not only does the IRS know about these tax cheats, but they have a term of art, or nickname for the amount of money the United States Government, in other words, you and I, are getting cheated out of.  That term is called the “Tax Gap.”   The Tax Gap is the amount of money that should have been paid minus the amount of money that was actually paid. 

So how much is it?  We don’t know.  The IRS has made some estimates.  They believe the Tax Gap is about $450 billion dollars! Yeah, I know.  Shocking and incredible!  Why do we need to raise taxes?  Why can’t we pay for new highways, Medicare, and programs to help needy children in America?  Because $450 BILLION dollars is NOT being paid!  Imagine the progress the government could make if they simply collected the funds that are due from big corporate offenders!

How can we fight back?  To help find this disappearing money the Government created the IRS Whistleblower Program.  This program is one of the best ways taxpayers can fight back against corporate fraud.  The IRS Whistleblower Program is NOT for small tax evaders.  Those people can be turned in, but they won’t qualify for Whistleblower Protection.  It must be BIG TIME TAX FRAUD.  In other words, you need at least $2,000,000.00 in unpaid taxes to get the government’s attention.  So we are talking about really really rich people and corporations.

If you know of a really rich person or a big company who is or has cheated on their taxes you need to call our office immediately!  We have a forensic lawyer set aside to work with you on collecting the evidence to get those taxes paid!  We will protect you from the IRS at the end of the case when they try to deny you the right to collect your share as a whistleblower.  We will create with you a solid case to show the IRS where to find the tax cheater’s money.

We will get you to submit the IRS 211 in proper form and with the evidence necessary to push the case forward.  Without this form and the right documentation, your 211 filing is just a tip the IRS can ignore.  However, when we get the IRS interested and convince them to take an action you could be set to win an award of up to 30% of the collected revenue!  Imagine catching a tax cheat and the IRS recovers $50,000,000.  It happens all the time! 

However, you need to understand the IRS to really get them on board.  Recognize the following true statements:

The IRS Whistleblower program is very popular.  Many people report tax frauds every year.  On top of that, only a small team was created to review all the cases.  They have a two-tier process where the front of the house (those IRS agents who deal with the whistleblower) are given little to no information, while the back of the house (those IRS agents assigned to track down and determine if fraud exists) are both overworked and underpaid!  They are also Government employees which means that some are committed while others are putting in 8 hours to get a paycheck and looking for ways to avoid doing anything all day long.  To make sure these IRS agents look at and pay attention to your 211 Tip as opposed to the hundreds of other whistleblower tips that are out there, you must create a compelling case that stands out in the crowd.

Now, it is wonderful to make millions of dollars as a whistleblower, but know that it does NOT happen overnight.  The IRS takes a LONG TIME to not only investigate but also to prosecute, settle and collect the money.  Many times it takes years to end the case.  We have cases in our office that are over five years old.  The funds involved are significant, but the timeline feels like forever.  No major player, big money individual, or the large corporation will quietly pay off the IRS.  The taxpayer will fight back. They will fight all the way through the audit procedure.  Once the IRS concludes they owe lots of money they will appeal the judgment and challenge the audit.  This can take years. It doesn’t always take forever. Some of our whistleblower cases, especially IRS cases have been paid off within 2 short years. But that is the exception and not the rule.  Generally, it takes a long time and our clients, and us as well, do not get paid until the Government collects all their money.

Finally, the best reason for using a lawyer is that you get ONE SHOT at getting the IRS to take on your case.  If the IRS says the case is not well documented or is too small, or that it isn’t important enough to put their limited agents on top of, then you won’t ever be heard.  In our regular whistleblower practice for Medicare fraud, health fraud, or fraud in other government contracts (called procurement fraud) we don’t have to stop if the US Attorney says they don’t want the case.  We can take the case on, and act, as I did when I was with the Department of Justice and represent the interests of the United States of America without their involvement.  That is NOT TRUE in IRS Whistleblower cases.  If the IRS says they do not want to pursue the case is DIES.  The whistleblower has no rights under the Federal Law to go after the tax cheats.  Meanwhile, you may never know why.  The IRS has not responded to tell you why they made decisions they made.

If you suspect or have clear evidence of any real and significant tax fraud scheme, AND you believe the amount of taxes they cheated on was more than $2,000,000 don’t wait.  Call Marcie Dodson, JD in our office. She will give you a free consultation and work with you to figure out if you have a multi-million dollar case.  If you do it will change your life and the life of everyone you love!  Don’t ever pass on that opportunity.  Protect your family, help the country and make tax cheats pay their fair share!  Call us today for a free case evaluation (561) 623-3681.

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