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What Happens with Social Security Disability During a Government Shutdown?

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Free SSD Case Evaluation | LaBovick Law Group The United States federal government has been shutdown three times in 2018. The first occurring in January, the second in February, and the most recent shutdown beginning on December 27th, 2018, which is still continuing. During this current shutdown, all essential services will continue such as public safety operations and Medicare payments. Services such as national parks are deemed non-essential and thus closed until the government can be re-opened. This current shutdown will have little effect upon the Social Security Administration (SSA). Checks will continue to be paid out, including those for Social Security Disability.

The Contingency Plan

Social Security’s contingency plan notes most core programs and benefits will continue during a shutdown. This current shutdown only affects those programs which are funded annually by Congress. The Social Security trust fund is paid for through September 2019, and thus should not be affected by the partial government shutdown.

Government Shutdown Effects

Even though the SSA is funded through September 2019, the administration will feel some effects of this shutdown. Some employees will experience a furlough, making a system that already moves at a snail’s pace, move even slower. Disability hearings will continue, applications will be processed, and checks will be released. But individuals in the Social Security Disability application process will still feel a slight slowdown until the government is re-opened. While it is good news that Social Security will remain open during this partial shutdown, it is not good news knowing things may move even slower than they already have been.

If you have concerns about your Social Security Disability application process or general concerns about the government shutdown, you should reach out to your local congressperson. You can do so either by calling the office of your representative directly or by contacting your Social Security Disability attorney for your congressperson’s contact information. For a list of congressional representatives in Florida, click here.

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