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Motorcycle Accident

West Palm Beach Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Motorcycle Accidents AttorneyMotorcycles have an unmistakable allure for millions of riders; the freedom, the thrill, and, yes, the risk, are all part of it. But this is the single most dangerous form of transportation in the United States, and motorcyclists put their lives on the line with each mile. The vast majority are careful and diligent; but that does not protect them from careless or negligent drivers.

If you have been injured, the first step after seeking medical attention is to contact an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. LaBovick Law Group is here to help. Get started with an online motorcycle case evaluation tool.

Danger on the Open Road

Per mile traveled, the number of motorcycle fatalities is more than 27 times higher than passenger cars. Helmets make a difference: they are approximately 37% more effective in preventing deaths, and they are 67% effective in preventing traumatic brain injuries. Florida, however, does not require motorcyclists over the age of 21 to wear helmets. Give the lack of protection provided by an enclosed vehicle, they are more likely to be significantly injured or killed in the event of a crash.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Injury Attorney in West Palm Beach

Florida is a no-fault insurance state; drivers must own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage that pays for medical and certain non-medical costs resulting from an accident. Motorcycles are excluded from the PIP category. Riders are required, however, to own at least $10,000 in Medical Payment Insurance.

But what if your injuries exceed that limit? You may be able to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. An experienced West Palm Beach Motorcycle Lawyer from the LaBovick Law Group team will help you obtain the compensation you need to pay medical expenses, make up for lost wages, receive ongoing therapies, and move on – physically, psychologically, and financially – from your accident.

In the event of a fatality, we can also help you obtain compensation as a surviving family member.

We know that coping with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident is challenging, painful, frightening. Our job is to represent you ethically, compassionately, and, above all, successfully. Your job is to recover. Contact LaBovick Law Group or try out free online motorcycle injury case evaluation tool.


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