Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You have suffered a motorcycle accident and are going through several changes in your life. The physical and emotional consequences are devastating.

Going through the legal process and dealing with insurance companies is complicated. But LaBovick is here for you. Our Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyer will seek the maximum compensation you deserve. Call us for a free consultation.

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Of all the different types of motor vehicle accidents there are, the most catastrophic are those involving motorcycles

The Benefits Of Hiring a Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You do not have any time to waste. Here is why LaBovick Law Group is the right law firm to represent you after your motorcycle accident:

  • We fight to win.
  • Warriors for Justice.
  • Protection, comfort, and support.
  • $30 Million+ Recovered.
  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • Extensive trial lawyer experience.
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Motorcyclists are always at a higher risk of suffering catastrophic and life-threatening injuries when they crash or are struck by other vehicles.

That is why having a Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyer on your side when you go through an incident is very important. They will take care of the entire legal process and help you with any advice you need.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Fort Pierce

You left your house, grabbed the motorcycle and the accident happened. You couldn’t imagine going through such a situation. But believe us, in Fort Pierce it’s something that happens often.

It does not always happen in the same way. Here are some of the most frequent causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Distracted driving: Accidents occur mostly because drivers are distracted while driving for various reasons such as looking at their cell phone or seeing something that happened on the road.
  • Weather conditions: Rain, wind, storms, hail, all these situations make the driver lose vision and control of the motorcycle.
  • Speeding: Many times drivers speed to get to a place faster, this is not good because you can lose control quickly.
  • Drunk or drugged drivers: In some situations, drivers are under these effects and it makes vision much more difficult. This is how accidents happen.
  • Inexperience: Motorists who are just starting to drive can sometimes make mistakes. This causes them to lose control of what they are doing.
  • Road conditions: There may be a bad condition of the pavement that the driver has not seen. Thus the motorcycle can go in any direction and cause an accident.

You went through one of these situations and that is why we recommend that you contact our Fort Pierce motorcycle accident attorneys. It will be the best option to take care of the legal process and you will take care of your recovery.

Recommendations of our Fort Pierce motorcycle accident attorneys: What to do after a collision

After a motorcycle accident, the best thing you can do is to stay calm and don’t move. Wait for someone to help you so you don’t cause more injuries than you could have.

Here are some steps to follow after an accident:

  • Check your safety: First of all check that you are well, and see what injuries you might have. It is always preferable that you prioritize your well-being.
  • Seek medical attention: If you have serious injuries, the best thing to do is to wait for a doctor to help you. Anything you do could make your condition worse.
  • Call 911: Contact the police to report what has happened. This step is important because you will need to request a police report that will be useful when we gather documentation of your case.
  • Exchange information: Take note of the personal information of the people involved in the accident, such as phone number, license plate, insurance.
  • Gather evidence: Take photos and videos of the accident, talk to witnesses if you can, write down where it happened.
  • Talk to a Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyer: The help of an attorney is essential for you to receive the compensation you deserve. The insurance company will want to lower the value of your case, but with a legal professional, you will have the help you need to fight for justice and what you deserve.

Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Will Provide Expertise And Assistance For Your Case

Many people are hesitant to get started with a motorcycle accident claim in Fort Pierce because they believe that the process is far more complicated than it is. 

With LaBovick Law Group by your side, you can trust that we will never let you settle for less than you deserve. There are two primary ways in which you can be awarded compensation for your motorcycle accident in Fort Pierce. This involves filing claims with the insurance company and the civil court.

Dealing with the insurance company can be particularly difficult, as they are likely to try to place blame on you for causing the accident. 

You will need dedicated Fort Pierce motorcycle accident attorneys by your side to ensure that fault is accurately assessed in your case. Once we have obtained the insurance settlement that you deserve, we may need to bring your case to court in order to ensure you are fully compensated for both your economic and non-economic damages.

We are not afraid to bring your case before a judge if that’s what it takes to ensure that you are awarded maximum compensation for your suffering.

Having an expert and trusted Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.

If we take on your case, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are awarded full and fair compensation for your damages.

Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
We are here to help you!
Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

with a LaBovick Law Group legal expert

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If we take on your case, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are awarded full and fair compensation for your damages

A Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can File a Lawsuit

The single most important part of any motorcycle accident claim is being able to show that someone else is responsible for causing your injuries. When someone else is at fault for the accident, you have the right to hold them accountable. 

They can be compelled to compensate you for all of the ways your life has been affected by the accident and the injuries it caused.

Still, it may not always be clear who is at fault for causing your accident. In this case, you should reach out to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to review the details of your case and figure out what the ultimate cause is.

If you are still unsure whether you should pursue a case, consider the various ways that your life has been affected by your injuries. Has your life been dramatically affected? Is it going to be in the future? Are you dealing with considerable financial losses? Are you struggling to cope emotionally? All of these losses warrant the pursuit of a civil claim. Find out how much your case could be worth when you contact Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyers

for help.

The Different Damages I Can Recover In My Motorcycle Accident Case in Fort Pierce

When you go through a motorcycle accident in Fort Pierce you can receive minor or severe injuries. Depending on the circumstances of those injuries, Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyers can evaluate your case and see what you can ask for.

The best thing you can do is to have your injuries checked by a doctor and get proper treatment. This way you will recover little by little. In addition, the doctor’s report will be necessary in the legal process.

These are some of the damages you can recover:

  • Medical expenses: After an accident you will likely have many expenses such as hospitalizations, surgeries, medical treatments, transfers, medications and therapies.
  • Lost wages: After an accident you were probably unable to go to work and lost hours. You can ask for compensation for those hours, weeks or months.
  • Motorcycle damage: After an accident it is likely that the motorcycle will be damaged and need to be repaired. This is also part of your monetary recovery.
  • Pain and suffering: This is the most difficult to prove but it is imminent after a motorcycle accident. So your Fort Pierce motorcycle accident attorney should consider it.
  • Loss of quality of life: You can include this in your claim because you probably lost moments or activities that you would have liked to live because of the accident.
  • Mental harm and anguish: This is a factor to consider that often occurs after an accident. Psychological emotions are difficult to cope with and must also be recovered from.

When you suffer these damages you need to call a Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for you. This way you will have nothing more to worry about. Contact us and get the compensation you deserve.

Understanding the insurance system with the help of our lawyers

You’ve been in a motorcycle accident. Now, you must deal with insurance companies. This is stressful for many people. Because while you are trying to recover, you have to deal with the legal process.

It is very important to understand what you have to do to know what you can do with it. You should receive maximum compensation for your case, especially because your injuries and damages should be recognized.

Follow the recommendations below to best handle your case:

  • Inform your insurance company of the accident: You should discuss all data related to the accident, such as names of the persons involved, telephone numbers, license plates.
  • Assignment of an adjuster: A person will investigate and determine compensation based on the circumstances of the accident.
  • Collection of documentation: You must provide them with records of medical treatment and expenses related to the accident. 
  • Provision of evidence: If the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, you can ask that person to pay for what they have done and receive compensation. You will need to provide all the evidence necessary to prove that person was at fault.

Remember that the insurance company will always try to lower the compensation you deserve. That is why the best option is to have Fort Pierce motorcycle accident attorney on your side.

This way you can recover properly and be with your loved ones. Contact a Fort Pierce motorcycle accident lawyer to resolve your case and win.

LaBovick Is The Solution: Contact a Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycling is very dangerous. You have an accident and you have upmotorcycle accident injuries with a dramatic impact and trauma in your life. Make the at-fault party pay for their negligence. Reach out to a respected motorcycle accident lawyer at LaBovick Law Group for help.

We are a group of lawyers with more than 30 years of experience in case law. We have offices all over Florida so you can go to the one that is most convenient for you.

We have many successful cases so our clients have left us good comments. We are the firm with the best score in Google Reviews (4.8).

We want to help you face the burdens of the legal process. That’s why we’ll talk to the insurance company for you, so you can get back on your feet and not have to think about it. We will also contact the best doctors to review your treatment.

We work under a contingency fee basis so you don’t have to worry about money. This means you pay nothing until we win your case.

Our firm proudly offers no-cost, risk-free case reviews to victims of motorcycle accidents across Fort Pierce and surrounding cities. 

Schedule yours when you call our office at (772) 519-7794. Or fill out our online contact form and someone from our office will reach out to you to find out more about the circumstances of your case.

about Fort Pierce Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A lawyer is the person who will defend you when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. He will be your beacon during the legal process and will guide you through the right steps to win your case. His goal is that you receive the best compensation and that you don’t have to worry about confronting the insurance companies because he will do it for you. He will negotiate and go to trial if necessary.

The injuries you experience can be mild or severe. And they can be:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Broken bones
  • Disfigurement
  • Scarring
  • Internal bleeding
  • Loss of limbs
  • Lacerations

Under the Florida Statute of Limitations, you have two years to file suit. That is why you should promptly get an attorney after your accident. Time passes quickly and everything can take time. That is why it is best to take action immediately and hire a lawyer.

Accidents in Fort Pierce occur on a daily basis. Some of them are:

  • Accidents involving a drunk or drugged driver.
  • Accidents involving a distracted driver.
  • Accidents involving a driver disregarding traffic regulations.
  • Hit and run motorcycle accidents.
  • Accidents occurring due to a defective product or mechanic’s fault.
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