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As Medical Malpractice attorneys we have learned that you can’t underestimate the value of the patient’s actions immediately after a possible medical malpractice injury. If you are ever considering bringing a case against a nurse, doctor, hospital, physical therapist, or any medical provider the only decision and most important decision you will make is to contact a qualified medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

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We recognize this is a totally self-serving statement but it is also 100% true and correct!  In automobile accident cases, slip and fall injuries, or dog bite injuries, the first most important thing the injured person must do is get medical care!  But it is a very different situation when the defendant IS the person giving medical care to the injured person. That is why, in 90% of medical malpractice cases the first step is to call an attorney.

You can take that first step and the telephone call, the first meeting, the consultation, the investigation and the conclusion of all that work is 100% free if we decide to decline your case.  If we take the case you never owe us a fee until we get money for you.  If we don’t then there is never a fee.

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By getting an attorney early in the case, an attorney can collect the medical evidence before anyone has an opportunity to go back and change the notes, make records disappear, or order additional tests. There are plenty of times and stories that medical malpractice attorneys have or they have gotten the records early and later, while taking the medical professionals deposition, they are given incomplete or change records. By changing the records the doctor put a noose around his neck of his defense. If the lawyer was hired early in the case, the defendant’s doctor would’ve gotten away with lying about the situation!

However, if you are just too cautious to get an attorney early in the case there are a few critical moves you can make prior to calling a lawyer.

First, to make sure your injury rises to a medical malpractice situation you can clarify the medical issue, the treatment and post-treatment goals with your doctor.  There is no obligation to tell your medical provider you’re looking into a medical negligence case.  By talking with your Medical provider you will be able to ask questions which can help you better understand if your outcome was close or within the desired goals. It is also important that you understand and try to remediate your injury. In other words, it is important that you find any other possible remedies to help you get better so that you alleviate the damages which were caused by the original medical malpractice.

It may be possible that your doctor has other alternatives available for your treatment after medical negligence occurs. The only way you’ll find out about this is to going to discuss this with a medical professional. It will also give your doctor an opportunity to get it right

Another option you have as a person who has suffered from medical negligence is to contact the Florida Department of Professional Regulations. They oversee doctors and can assist an injured patient in finding out whether they are the victim of medical malpractice. The Florida medical licensing board cannot assist you in your medical malpractice claim, but they will investigate the doctor, and your claim, and initiate any necessary disciplinary procedures to make sure that your doctor doesn’t let this happen again.

Of course, once a medical practice has occurred, we are talking about degrees of a remedy because we can never turn back the hands of time. Neither of the licensing board, any disciplinary procedures, or any amount of money will make you like new.  However, your best chance of getting the most significant form of compensation and remedy is through a private attorney.

By hiring a private attorney in your geographic area who is an expert at bringing medical malpractice lawsuits you will ensure that you have done everything possible to receive the compensation you need to recover.

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