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Suffered a Car Accident Injury? Here’s When to Contact a Lawyer

car accident lawyers

When you’re in an accident, whether it’s a minor fender bender or a major accident, it can be confusing and scary. Everything happens so fast and it’s even worse if there is a car accident injury. Don’t let the trauma of the accident keep you from a reasonable settlement.

It’s important to contact a lawyer about your accident, but when do you call a lawyer and when should you handle it on your own? The impact of working without a lawyer can be major. We’ll examine why you need a lawyer for your auto accident and when’s the best time to call them.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been involved with a car or truck accident and there are injuries, then you could be owed considerable money for your injuries or you could owe money because of other people’s injuries. People have insurance for a reason, but they’re out to protect themselves and not your interests.

The insurance companies have many lawyers in their corner, using all aspects of the law against you. Without a lawyer, you could be hit with considerable debt or not receive the correct compensation for your injuries.

A lawyer looks out for you. When you’re in court, you need someone with experience and knowledge to make everything go in your favor. To the insurance companies, this is a paltry sum, but for you it’s everything.

If you’re injured in an accident, then you could be off work for weeks or longer. You could be injured for life and never work again. There are many reasons why you need a lawyer in your corner.

Even if your accident didn’t cause injuries, much damage, or require any time off work, it doesn’t hurt to contact a lawyer for a consultation. They’ll be able to see aspects that you don’t.

Call A Lawyer If There Is a Car Accident Injury

It’s true that not every accident requires a lawyer. Many small accidents can be handled by insurance companies. Thousands of accidents every year resolve without issues, but there are times when you need to call a lawyer.

Hospital bills add up quickly. It includes not only the impact of the initial accident but any long-term issues and physical therapy. You need compensation for your injuries, or you need someone in your corner if the insurance company goes after you for their customer’s injuries.

Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve or don’t get saddled with a massive judgment that you’ll never be able to pay off. A lawyer provides you with the best outcome.

You Lack Insurance or Not Insured Enough

The purpose of insurance is to help you in case of accidents, but if you don’t have insurance or your coverage is low, then you could be liable for a considerable sum. Also, it’s illegal to drive your car without insurance in many states including Florida, so you’ll face both criminal and civil court dates.

There are all types of insurance coverage and many can’t cover the full cost of accidents with injuries. You could be liable for millions of dollars in damage, but the insurance covers only a fraction of it. A lawyer can work with you on both the civil and criminal fronts.

We don’t want you to suffer because of a lapsed policy or limited coverage. We can negotiate the best possible deal or get the judgment in your favor.

The Insurance Company Keeps Calling

The insurance company isn’t interested in helping you but instead focuses on their interests. They’ll try to pay the least amount possible, so if you notice them contacting you frequently, bringing up different issues, or tell you to talk to their attorney, then call a lawyer.

They’re likely trying to limit their liability and put you on the hook for as much as possible. You can’t trust an insurance company to do what is best for you. The only person in the courtroom on your side is the lawyer you hired.

The insurance companies say they’re on your side, but their actions following the accident say something different.

The Accident Report Isn’t Accurate

When you’re in an accident, the first person called is the police. They come and take care of the situation and write up an accident report. If you’re injured and taken from the scene or if the trauma and excitement cause you or other people to incorrectly describe what happened, then you need a lawyer.

The report is an official police document and often determines the fault of the accident. Many times, the judge uses the report in his decision for judgment. If the report isn’t accurate or if it leaves the fault in question, then it will be used against you.

A lawyer helps determine if the report is accurate and proves to the court that it is not correct.

It Happened in a Construction Zone or with Pedestrians

There are times when the penalties for traffic accidents are much worse than normal. If you’re found negligent in an accident in a construction zone, school zone, or involving a pedestrian, then in addition to civil penalties you could face criminal penalties as well.

These types of accidents almost always cause some type of injury from broken bones to fatalities, so contact a lawyer as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to determine the fault of the accident and help you with both the criminal and civil issues.

Contact a Lawyer Soon After the Accident

If your accident involves any of these areas, then contact a lawyer as soon as you can. The insurance companies have their attorneys working around the clock, so the faster you get your own, the better you’ll be.

We have helped many people with their car accident injuries and much more. If you’re interested in learning more about dealing with a car accident or need to talk to a lawyer about your own needs, then please contact us today.

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