What do I Need to Document for my Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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Workers Compensation is a benefit provided by the employer to its employees if they suffer an injury at work. There are several aspects of a workers compensation which need to be documented properly. If not, your claim could be denied by the employer altogether. The first and most important documentation required is proof that an actual injury occurred during the scope of your employment. This documentation can be done through medical treatment, notifying your employer, or through witnesses to the incident. The best documentation comes from first notifying the employer of the accident. This not only puts the employer on notice of the injury but it also helps ensure you receive immediate medical treatment covered by the employer’s insurance.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an injured employee is not telling your employer about the incident. This documentation or notification must be done within the first 30 days of the accident. If you notify the employer after the 30 days this gives the employer grounds to deny your injury claim altogether. A second big mistake is not receiving medical treatment for the accident. It is simply not enough to notify your employer of the accident. You must also seek medical treatment for the injury. This medical treatment will document the injury and diagnose you with a condition. This will be solid proof that you actually suffered an injury on the job. Keep in mind, you must have an actual injury from the accident. For example, if you trip and fall over a rug but you do not sustain any injuries, a claim for workers compensation benefits will be denied. Your claim must be based on an actual injury.

If you sustained an injury at work, the best practice is to notify your employer immediately of the incident. This notification can be made to any supervisor or manager within the company. As long as notification is made to someone within the management team. The second thing to make sure you do is to seek medical treatment so as to document the injury. If you follow these two steps you will have sufficient documentation to substantial treatment through workers compensation.


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