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Burn Injury

West Palm Beach Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are not only physically painful, they often result in concurrent psychological and emotional scars. The impacts can be ongoing, and exceedingly difficult to cope with – particularly when you factor in the continuing financial strain. If you are struggling with these issues, a qualified West Palm Beach injury attorney will be your tireless ally as you navigate the legal system.

Legal Representation for Burn Victims

For over 25 years, the LaBovick Law Group has handled burn accidents, ranging from house and boat fires to gas grill explosions. Our areas of expertise also encompass thermal, light, chemical, and radiation burns.

Regardless of the cause, there are three categories of burn injuries: first, second, and third. While first degree burns (e.g. a sunburn) only affect the top layer of skin and can be treated easily with cool water and aloe vera, second and third degree burns can impact your ability to work and function as you normally do.

Second Degree Burns: These injuries extend beyond the top layer of skin and result in redness, inflammation, and blistering. The healing process can take weeks, and if not properly treated, burns can become infected.

Third Degree Burns: The most severe of burns, these penetrate through all layers of skin and may even affect bones and organs. They can lead to serious conditions, including nerve damage, hypothermia, and death. Characterized by a black, white, or charred appearance, these wounds can become infected, and even normal healing can take months. Permanent damage is not uncommon.

Your LaBovick Law Group burn injury lawyer will work in conjunction with you and your medical team to develop a detailed plan of care. This ensures that any compensation from insurance companies or third parties is sufficient to meet your current and future needs. Do not settle for less than the full amount you are owed under the law.

An Experienced West Palm Beach Burn Attorney On Your Side

Burn injuries are painful; when you do not have proper representation, the legal system is just as arduous. We can streamline and simplify the process and work to get you the results you need. If you have been injured in a burn accident, reach out to our experienced team today. The LaBovick Law Group is here to help.

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