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Group of multiracial doctors standing consulting patient records on a tablet computer, close up viewThe PIP Claims & Collections Division of the LaBovick LaBovick & Diaz assists medical providers, including, MRI Centers, Clinics, Rehab Centers and Hospitals in recovering unpaid or underpaid Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits from insurance companies for medical services rendered to automobile accident victims.

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We are experienced in knowing the necessary steps to take when insurance companies unjustly try to reduce patients PIP benefits that are covered under Florida PIP Statutes S627.736

If you are a medical provider and need help getting the PIP fees that your medical office deserves, call us today to set up a free consultation or fill out our online analysis below to learn if you are entitled to recoup outstanding PIP benefits owed from insurance companies that either refuse to pay your patient’s PIP benefits or attempt to reduce portions of your patient’s PIP benefits covered under the updated Florida PIP laws.

PIP Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a denied or reduced bill was justified?

You don’t! Insurance companies often lead medical providers to believe that charges for treatment are not justified. If any of your bills have been denied or reduced in the last five years, call us to speak to one of our PIP suit attorneys. Do not let the insurance companies attempt to intimidate you.

Don’t delay! Find out how you can get the money your medical office deserves, without the headaches. In our free consultation, we explain how we can maximize PIP fee recovery efforts. There is no cost to you for our services. Our fees and services are paid from the interest, penalties and/or attorney’s fees from the defendant, not your underlying claim.

How much will it cost to hire LaBovick, LaBovick & Diaz to handle my PIP suits?

Nothing up front. The insurance company pays our fees. You receive 100% of your PIP benefits and potential compensation of interest and penalties.

Do most personal injury attorneys also handle PIP suits?

No. Most personal injury attorneys do not handle PIP suits.

What is the difference between a personal injury (PI) suit and a PIP suit?

A personal injury lawsuit involves tort law and has a statute of limitations of four years. A PIP suit involves contract law and has a statute of limitations of five years. In a PIP suit, an attorney represents a patient and/or medical provider for unpaid benefits required by Florida law.

What is a PIP suit?

A Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance lawsuit is filed by an attorney for a medical provider against an insurance company for PIP insurance benefits. The provider is entitled to PIP benefits for treatment of an injury involving a motor vehicle as defined by Florida statutes.

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The LaBovick Advantage Shield
The LaBovick advantage

LaBovick, LaBovick & Diaz creates all Demand Letters from scratch, in-house, and send those Demands to the insurance companies at no charge to our clients. We never charges our Medical Provider’s a percentage of the benefits that we procure from the insurance companies. We understand that our clients are absolutely entitled to the full amount for the invaluable services that they provide. Our PIP team is always available to answer telephone calls, emails or meet face-to-face to discuss our clients cases. This process allows our clients to understand the stage at which each case we are handling for them is in.  We likewise have proprietary software that allows us to print out a report of our clients cases. The report details the status of the suit.

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