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Sometimes, slips and falls are nothing more than a misstep, a minor inconvenience or momentary embarrassment. And sometimes, they are the result of negligence on the part of the property owner. If you have been injured on a third-party’s premises, we can help. As South Florida’s premier slip and fall law firm, the LaBovick Law Group has the experience you need to ensure your rights are protected and that you are fully and appropriately compensated for your injuries. Ready to get started? Try our free online slip and fall case evaluation tool to see if you have a case.Slip and Fall Lawyers | Labovick

Slips, trips, and falls are common, and unfortunately, related injuries are as well. They account for millions of hospital visits per year with complaints ranging from traumatic brain injuries and bone fractures to sprains and strains. A slip and fall injury can cause undue suffering, loss of wages, hospital and doctor expenses, and long-term medical implications.

Slip and falls affect people of all ages and they can happen anywhere, including the workplace, hotels, restaurants, sidewalks, retail stores, and, perhaps ironically, hospitals.

The incidence of falls, however, increases with each decade of life; according to the CDC, over 1.8 million age 65+ were treated in the emergency room after a fall. For those 65 – 84, falls are the second leading cause of injury-related deaths, and it becomes the first leading cause for people 85 and over. Among this demographic, a fall means more than inconvenience or even pain. It often means they can no longer live independently.

Your rights, or those of a loved one, are on the line; choose the slip and fall attorneys who have the expertise you need to safeguard them.

Looking for The Different Between Slip And Fall And Trip And Fall? Check out our helpful blog post to determine whether you have a trip or slip case on your hands, and don’t forget to fill out our free case evaluation form for slip and fall cases to see if you are eligible for compensation.

How Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Help

To make a personal injury claim against the property owner or the party that was responsible for maintenance, you must demonstrate that one of the following is true:

  • The owner or an employee knew about the dangerous surface or condition and failed to address it.
  • The owner or an employee caused the dangerous or slippery surface (e.g. torn carpet, uneven floor, etc.) to be underfoot.
  • A “reasonable” person taking care of the property would have noticed the dangerous condition and taken steps to repair or replace it. Here, the owner or an employee should have known about the dangerous condition.

Our experienced slip and fall attorneys are able to help you determine liability and pursue a case aggressively. We will negotiate on your behalf and, if it is the best option, help you settle your case. If that is not the avenue that ensures the proper protection of your rights and optimal compensation, we will vigorously pursue the matter inside a courtroom.

Slip and falls can occur through no fault of your own, whether it was because of a defective step or an unresolved spill. If the owner (or party employed by the owner) caused the issue, knew about the issue, or should have known about the issue, you may have legal recourse. We can ensure you receive exceptional representation and achieve a favorable outcome.

The LaBovick Law Group has decades of cumulative experience in slip and fall cases; we understand that it is challenging to approach this difficult situation on your own. You don’t have to; we are here to stand beside you, leveraging our acumen for your results. Use our case calculator to see how much your slip and fall injury case could be worth.

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