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Workers’ Compensation

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Palm Beach Gardens Workers Comp Attorney

Workers Comp AttorneyFor many people, an injury or illness incurred on the job is more than an inconvenience; it is a hardship and even the start of devastating health and financial circumstances. Yes, you may be covered by workman’s compensation; but the complexity of the system does not always — or even often — favor workers.

An experienced Palm Beach Gardens workers comp attorney can help you navigate this trying time and advocate on your behalf. If you are hurt on the job, we will fight tirelessly for your rights. If you or a loved one have been injured on the job, try our online free workers comp case evaluation tool.

Common Injuries/Illnesses Sustained on the Job

Eye Injuries
Airborne irritants and chemicals, as well as constant strain, can cause eye and vision issues. Eye-related  conditions are common in today’s workplaces.

Hearing Loss
Exposure to repetitive loud noise can cause gradual hearing loss — even if you wear hearing protection properly. To find out if you are eligible for benefits, contact us and speak to an expert Palm Beach Gardens worker’s compensation attorney.

Hand Injury
Repetitive motion can result in lasting nerve damage, as well as conditions from tendonitis to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Back Pain/Hernia
Frequent or ongoing back strain may lead to pain and loss of mobility. Your Palm Beach Garden workers compensation lawyer can help you to determine if you have a strong case.

Lung Problems
Some workplaces expose employees to chemicals and various other airborne irritants. This can lead to respiratory difficulties including occupational asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), infectious lung disease, and others.t.

Heart Attacks
Cardiac arrest that is caused by stressful work situations may also be covered through workers compensation. Prolonged exposure to stress can cause or exacerbate heart conditions; you may be covered even if you do not suffer a heart attack at work.Consult a Palm Beach Garden worker’s compensation lawyer to find learn more.

FAQs: Worker’s Compensation

What is worker’s compensation? It is no-fault insurance for employees who become injured or ill because of their work conditions or environment. “No-fault” means that employees do not have to prove that the injury or illness was caused by someone else. The insurance provides medical benefits and lost wage replacement.

Can I get worker’s comp? We can’t say “definitely” — but probably. Most workers are covered: you must work at a company that offers this insurance, or that is supposed, to offer it. You must also have been injured while performing a work-related duty, whether on site, in a company  vehicle, or at another location.

Do all employers have to offer workman’s comp? In the state of Florida, the vast majority must. For example, employers with four or more employees, farmer with five or more employees and 12 or more seasonal employees, must all  offer workman’s compensation. All  public employers must as well. Your employer likely does, or should, offer this coverage. If you are getting nowhere with a claim, contact LaBovick LaBovick & Diaz; one of our Palm Beach Garden worker’s compensation lawyers can help.  Schedule a free in person Workers Comp case evaluation.

If I’m injured or ill, what does worker’s comp cover?

  • Permanent injuries.
  • Doctors visits, surgeries, and medications you  need as a result of the injury/illness.
  • Rehabilitation, retraining, or physical/occupational therapy.
  • Income replacement (this usually amounts to two-thirds of your average pay).
  • Survivor’s benefits if the injury or illness is fatal.

Can my employer fire me for filing a claim? No. This is prohibited in the state of Florida. If you experience negative repercussions as a result of your worker’s compensation claim, seek legal counsel immediately. Our team has been advocating on behalf of workers for decades; we are passionate about protecting your rights.

Can I sue my employer if I get hurt or sick? You can. Be aware, however, that if you sue, you may not file a worker’s comp claim. On the other hand, if you file a worker’s comp claim, you cannot sue. We can help you decide which avenue will lead to the most favorable result.

How do I apply for worker’s compensation? The first step is to inform your employer of your injury or illness. You must do this within 30 days. Your employer then has seven days to report this information to their insurance carrier.  Download our workers compensation eBook.

After that, the carrier will send you a brochure, usually within three days. It will contain details on the procedure for accessing benefits,  as well as your rights under the program. Because this is a complex system, it is not always as streamlined as it could, or should, be. If you encounter difficulties, or your employer is not responding appropriately, consult with one of LaBovick’s expert worker’s comp attorneys.


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