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Car Accident

Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawyers

When you choose a car accident attorney from the LaBovick Law Group they will explore every area of investigation to help ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries or trauma sustained as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Auto accidents are the most common source of personal injury. According to National Safety Council, over 40,000 people die from motor vehicle fatalities each year. The NHTSA ranks Florida in the number two position in the nation with over 3,000 traffic fatalities, an increase of nine percent over the previous year. The state of California leads the nation with over 4,000 traffic fatalities. It is safe to say that driving in a motor vehicle can be dangerous.

When an automobile accident causes death, severe injuries, or permanent disabilities, there is trauma in the life and family of the injured victim. They also lead to a domino effect causing grief, more pain, emotional distress, lost wages, and medical expenses. Try our free online car accident case evaluation to get an estimate of how much your case could be worth.

The injured car accident victim or family may be entitled to receive financial compensation. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge or representation from a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer, often accident victims don’t receive the full compensation of damages they may be entitled to. In many instances, car accident victims are unaware of the full value of their claim and accept the first offer from the insurance company.

The insurance companies are hoping that victims are not represented by a West Palm Beach car crash lawyer, taking the first offer and going away. It is estimated that insurance companies are saving millions of dollars, because auto accident victims don’t know their rights. Do not be a statistic and accept an offer from an insurance company without speaking to a Personal Injury Attorney first.

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Why Do I Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Car Accident

What are your options if you have been injured in an accident and cannot work? How do you pay your bills? What if you can’t go to work because of your injuries suffered? If you have been injured in an accident, any type of accident, and you have sustained serious bodily injury, hiring a lawyer can help how your case should be filed against the defendant.

There are two options a victim of an accident can take when dealing with the case: 1) Working with the other party’s lawyers (which can be a major disadvantage), or 2) Hire his/her own lawyer who will explain everything that is happening and handle the details for you. By hiring your own representation, you are removing the possibility of being taken advantage of by the other party’s lawyers. This should help you relieve some of the stress associated with the trauma of an accident.

  • An attorney will bring in qualified, skilled investigators to work for you.
  • An attorney will preserve evidence pertaining to your accident.
  • An attorney will get statements from witnesses and all parties involved.
  • An attorney will take photos that can be used in a trial, mediation or deposition.
  • An attorney will hire experts that will substantiate the facts of your accident and injuries.
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If you or someone you love has been injured in a Palm Beach Gardens automobile accident, please fill out the form for a free case evaluation by a qualified Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawyer. Our Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer team, paralegals, and case managers represent accident victims throughout Florida, including Palm Beach County, the Treasure Coast, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boynton Beach, North Palm Beach, Stuart, Deerfield Beach, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Lake Worth, Tequesta, Ft. Pierce, Lake Park, Riviera Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Greenacres and Wellington.

If you wish to discuss your matter with an experienced Palm Beach Gardens car accident attorney, please call 561-655-1777 or Try our free online car accident case evaluation.

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