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Boat Accident

Palm Beach Gardens Boat Accident Attorney

Miami Boating Accidents | Boat Accident in Miami | LaBovick Law Group& DiazThere is something about being out on the open water: the freedom, the feeling that it’s just you and the elements – which, in Florida, include ample sunshine and endless miles of stunning coastline. But even the most picturesque scenes can turn stormy in the blink of an eye.

Despite your best efforts at operating in and enjoying the water safely, accidents can happen. The question is: what do you do when the open water becomes turbulent?

If you or a loved one have been injured in a boating accident, get started with our free online boat accident case evaluation tool to see if you have a case.

Boating Accidents in Florida

The Sunshine State leads the nation in the number of registered recreational boats and water vessels. It’s no wonder, given the mild year-round temperatures and beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, Florida also leads the pack when it comes to boating accidents. Each year, there are hundreds of accidents that cause $2000+ in damage. Of course, not all damages can be counted in terms of dollars.

In some cases, accidents are due to operator error; other times, it comes down to negligence. Regardless of what happens, if you’re involved in an incident, contact a boat accident attorney immediately to ensure your legal rights – and your physical and financial wellbeing – are protected.

The legal process can be quite confusing, especially if you’re reeling in the aftermath of an accident. The LaBovick Law Group is here to help you navigate these troubled waters; protecting your rights as a victim is paramount. It is our first, and only, priority.

Your Legal Rights

When you are injured in a boat-related accident, you may be entitled to seek compensation. This holds true whether the incident was caused by the driver/operator of another boat or the driver/operator of a boat on which you were a passenger.

Do not hesitate to seek the counsel of a boat accident attorney, even if you seek redress against the operator of a boat on which you were a passenger. Remember, you are taking action against the insurer of the vessel, not a friend or acquaintance. This separates the personal relationship from the legal proceedings. Pursuing boat injury compensation is your right.

It is also important to note that you may be able to pursue action against the boat and/or parts manufacturer. If something went wrong with the vessel, the manufacturer may be responsible for paying for any injuries that you sustained, as well as the damage your boat sustained.

A boat accident attorney will help you to make sure that the right person, or business, provides appropriate compensation for any injury and/or damage.

What Should I Do?

The first step you should take if you have been involved in a boating accident is to seek medical care. This is integral in protecting your physical health and wellbeing, as well as in laying the groundwork and providing documentation in case you decide to pursue legal action.Maritime Case Evaluation

Once you have been medically evaluated, it is time to contact your boat accident attorney. Your lawyer will either schedule a meeting with you in their office or will visit you in the hospital if you are severely injured.

Should you speak with an attorney before you contact insurance companies? It is advisable that you do so. Insurance companies are profit-generating entities; their goal is to minimize their risk – and your payout. When you are coping with injury sustained during a boating accident, this can leave you at a loss in terms of medical expenses, as well as any lost wages and other costs you incur.

Contact the Experts

When you consult with the experienced team at the LaBovick Law Group, we work side-by-side with you to examine the incident, gather documentation and evidence, and determine appropriate next steps. Most importantly, we are here to answer any and every question you have about the process.

If you have been involved in a mishap on the water due to the negligence, carelessness, and missteps of another, the first step is always to seek medical treatment. The second: contact a boat accident attorney.

You may be entitled to boat injury compensation. When you take the proper steps, including consulting with an attorney, you can protect your rights and ensure that the mounting expenses you face in the aftermath of the accident are covered.

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