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Transvaginal Mesh Implant Manufacturers Cannot Deny Product Damages

Last year the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered all transvaginal mesh manufacturers to study the negative consequences of their products.  Those damages included organ damage, infections, pain during sex and collapse of organs inside the body cavity.

Soon thereafter, Bard/Endo Health Solutions Inc. took their product, Avaulta, off the market. Now they have more than 8,000 federal cases with Avaulta victims to deal with. Had it not been for the government asking for the study, the number of victims affected could have been increased by thousands. Bard is starting to settle those cases after losing in trial twice this year.
Johnson & Johnson also made a big profit in the transvaginal mesh market, and the company was also stung in trial this year.  Thus far, they have decided not to start settlement talks. However, they did withdraw their great selling Gynecare Prolift from the market.  Who would blame them after an $11.1 million verdict in New Jersey? We are winning these cases, and the snowball on Johnson & Johnson is now rolling downhill. I predict the company will change their position on settlement by mid- 2014.
At this point, there is a literal mountain of cases against these transvaginal mesh manufacturers, and it isn’t going to go away… especially because the victims are right!  We will bring these cases to a close and get our clients the compensation they deserve.
But victims cannot sit on their rights. If your mesh is bothering you, get to a doctor who knows how to fix the issue.  We can help you.  We are connected with a nationwide network of doctors who have experience with mesh repairs.  Not only can we assist you with the legal matters pertaining to your case, but we can also help find the right specialist to repair your physical injury. You have a responsibility to yourself to get well.
If you have questions about how to proceed with pursuing both medical assistance and compensation for your transvaginal mesh injury, contact us today for a free consultation.
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