If you have had a hernia surgery and suffered from serious side effects such as infection, chronic pain, organ damage, mesh shrinkage, or mesh migration, you could be eligible for financial compensation.

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Hernia mesh

What are hernias?

Hernias occur when an internal organ forcibly pushes or squeezes through a weak area in the surrounding muscle and connective tissue. They typically happen within the abdominal cavity, between the chest and hips.

What is hernia mesh and what is it made of?

Hernia mesh made of synthetic materials can be found in knitted mesh or non-knitted sheet forms. The synthetic materials used can be absorbable, non-absorbable or a combination of absorbable and non-absorbable materials.

Possible Complications from Hernia Mesh

Who manufactures hernia mesh?

Mass Tort Claim

Mass torts claims are being filed by injured plaintiffs against hernia mesh manufacturers based on a products liability theory of recovery.

In order to prevail on a products liability theory of recovery, there must be a defect in the product’s manufacture or design or the warnings provided for the product must be inadequate or incomplete. Moreover, the defective product must be the proximate cause of the user’s injuries and damages.

When Do You Talk with a Hernia Mesh Attorney?

An experienced hernia mesh attorney can help an injured victim determine whether their mesh caused their post-surgical complications. If you suffered severe side effects as a result of faulty mesh, the manufacturer may be found liable for covering a patient’s bills and other damages. Your mesh lawyer could help you sue the appropriate medical device manufacturer for the financial losses you suffered.

The most common types of potential compensation available with the help of a hernia mesh attorney include:

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