What Auto Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

Do you think you have auto insurance coverage? What happens if a guest in your house borrows your car and then causes an accident? Are you covered? Yes, it would seem. Not so fast. Many factors have to be considered before answering in the affirmative. If the guest is a relative the answer comes much easier in favor of coverage. However, if the vehicle is a company car and the employee has a contract forbidding others from driving the car, the answer is harder to find. Factors such as whether the guest, residents of the house knew the company car could not be driven by anyone other than the employee. Also, how the keys were stored is also considered. Typically, the car must be converted or stolen by the driver for the insurance company to escape coverage. But if the “borrowing” somehow violates the language of an insurance policy or an employment contract, the owner may find himself without coverage. Everyone should be clear as to what their insurance actually covers.

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