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Seth Pachter

“Fighting for you, so you can focus on life beyond injury”

Seth Pachter

Personal Injury Attorney | 561-625-8296
Seth Pachter

“Fighting for you, so you can focus on life beyond injury”

From the time I interned in Law School at a domestic violence litigation clinic I realized that I wanted to use my legal career as a method to help those in need. I found it extremely rewarding to represent often terrified victims of domestic violence obtain an order of protection against their abuser by helping them fill out the necessary legal documentation, and to stand beside them in front of the judge. I was there not only for my legal knowledge, but to be a source of moral encouragement and support. To the end of helping those in need, I am privileged to have for over a decade represented victims of the negligence of others. It is an honor to help them through their difficult times and to make sure that they receive the compensation they so justly deserve for the hardships they have had to endure.

While monetary compensation will not heal their injuries it does make their hardships easier to face. Throughout my career I have assisted numerous victims of the negligence of others get just compensation. I am a lifetime member of the Million Dollars Advocate Forum. Its members have achieved a trial verdict or settlement in the amount of one million dollars or more. The organization was started in 1993 and has over 3000 members, yet fewer than 1% of lawyers in the United States are members. The purpose of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum is to recognize the accomplishments of trial lawyers who have achieved large recoveries for their clients.

The firms core values are a great fit for my personality and my work ethic as a personal injury attorney. I fight to win for our clients because without proper representation zealously advocating for them, they would be left at the mercy of the whims of insurance companies. It is my responsibility as a personal injury attorney to make sure that our clients can rest easy knowing that as they deal with their injuries, they have an advocate who will be there to stand up for them.  Going through a traumatic injury is difficult enough without having to worry about whether there will be someone there to fight for you. So, I fight to win so that those injured through no fault of their own can better cope with their often life changing physical ailments.

On the personal side, I love spending time with my wife, Jeweleen, and my two children and my stepchildren. We enjoy going to the theater to see the various touring plays, or a simple night out consisting of a meal at our favorite restaurant and a movie at the local cinema.  We particularly enjoy science fiction or action adventure movies. We get excited for the release of the latest Marvel or DC film. I also enjoy sitting back on the couch or going to the stadium to watch baseball, football, or basketball games.



  • Florida Bar – 1997
  •  New York Bar – 1997


  • Palm Beach County Bar Assn.


  • Personal Injury