Hector Hernandez

Associate Attorney
HHernandez@LaBovick.com | (561) 625-8400

Throughout my decades of law enforcement, I have personally seen and investigated accident injuries resulting in serious injury and deaths. I have seen accident victims and their family’s lives disrupted, crying on the side of the accident scene due to circumstances beyond the control of the victim.

Upon personally witnessing the tragedy of someone’s negligence, I decided to attend Law School In Florida to assist accident victims in their quest for justice and compensation.

As a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer, I now seek to take what I learned throughout my decades in law enforcement and use it to aggressively represent you in your Accident Injury Case, Worker’s Compensation Case, or your Social Security Disability Case.

If you ask why I love representing accident victims, and those filing workers comp and social security claims, my answer is simple – I love fighting for the individual who needs a warrior to fight for them, a justice Warrior!

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