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Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Suffering a motorcycle accident is devastating. We know the consequences. The physical and emotional damage it can lead to.

Having to face the insurance companies and go through the legal process is not easy either. That’s why our Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyer wants to help you with the compensation you deserve. Call LaBovick for a free consultation.

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Motorcycle accidents are known for being some of the most devastating types of motor vehicle accidents you could be injured in

What to do after an accident in Boca Raton

After an accident in Boca Raton you must remain calm and always act in a way that protects your health. Here are some of the things you should do when you go through this:

  • Check your safety: Make sure you are okay and see what kind of injuries you have. 
  • Seek medical attention: Any injury can get worse if you make a wrong move. That’s why you should wait for a specialized doctor to come and treat you.
  • Call 911: Contact the police to report what has happened. The police report will then be useful in the legal process.
  • Exchange Information: Take note of the personal information of others involved, remember that anything you can document will be important to present to your attorney.
  • Collect Evidence: Take pictures and video of your injuries, the damage to your motorcycle and anything else related to the accident. 
  • Talk to a Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyer: A professional can assist you with the process so that you know what you need to do to recover your lost damages. If your injuries are severe, you may be able to seek compensation for what happened to you.

The Benefits of Hiring a Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You have been through the devastation of a motorcycle accident, the thought of having to select a Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyer can be overwhelming because of the trauma. Here are a few key reasons why LaBovick Law Group may be the right legal representative for you:

  • We have over thirty years of extensive trial attorney experience that is unmatched.
  • We have recovered more than $30 million and achieved Google Top-Rated reviews.
  • We fight to win. We are Warriors for Justice who offer motorcycle accident survivors in Boca Raton, Florida the support and guidance they need.

With Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyers on your side you will be more secure at any stage of the process. An attorney will guide you down the best path to win your case and fight the compensation you deserve.

Our Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Will File a Claim For You

Many motorcycle accident victims want to know more about how their Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyer at LaBovick Law Group will help with their claim. Here are a few of our key responsibilities when we take on your case:

  • Investigate the motorcycle accident.
  • Hire experts to review your case.
  • Establish fault.
  • Handle the insurance claims process.
  • Protect you from being taken advantage of.
  • Calculate the value of your claim.
  • Represent your claim at trial, if you are not being treated fairly.

Having Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyers is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.

Motorcycles simply do not have the surrounding protection that other types of vehicles do. This leaves motorcyclists at an increased risk for suffering catastrophic and fatal injuries.

If you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Boca Raton motorcycle accident claim, you need to be prepared to exhaust all avenues of financial recovery.

The time a lawyer has to file a claim in Boca Raton

When you have a motorcycle accident, the best thing to do is to act quickly. Ask for help from a Boca Raton motorcycle attorney and have them file a claim for your case.

He can help you understand your legal options and guide you through the process of pursuing compensation.

Under Florida Statute Limitations you have two years to file a claim for your accident from the time it happened to you. We know that sounds like a long time but it really is not.

It takes time to gather all the documentation, negotiate with the parties involved, and deal with the insurance companies. That’s why the sooner you start the better.

It is also a good idea to have an experienced Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyer with knowledge of the local legal laws to guide you on the best path.

Every minute counts and you do not have time to waste. Act now and hire a lawyer. You will be compensated in the best way and win your case.

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Boca Raton

Motorcycle accidents can happen at any time. From one moment to the next your life changes. These things happen in Boca Raton.

These are some of the most common motorcycle accident cases:

  • Distracted Driving: Sometimes drivers do not pay attention on the road. Most of the time it is because of answering the phone and accidents occur.
  • Speeding: Drivers often exceed the speed limit while riding. This causes them to lose control and end up in an accident.
  • Inexperience: Motorcyclists often do not know how to react to certain situations and this causes them to put themselves in danger.
  • Road conditions: Sometimes the road may present problems due to poor pavement. In this way the driver may end up in an accident.
  • Weather Conditions: Rain, wind, storms, hail, can cause the driver to drive more cautiously because of the danger of losing control.
  • Drunk or drugged drivers: When drivers are under the influence of drugs, they are more likely to make mistakes, lose their reflexes and cause accidents.
  • Lack of protective equipment: Special clothing and helmets make motorcyclists more protective if accidents occur. Sometimes the lack of them makes injuries very serious.

When an accident happens, it is best to contact a Boca Raton motorcycle attorney. He will advise you on what to do in the legal process and defend you at all times.

Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
We are here to help you!
Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

with a LaBovick Law Group legal expert

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If you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Boca Raton motorcycle accident claim, you need to be prepared to exhaust all avenues of financial recovery

The Most Common Damages that Boca Raton Motorcycle Attorney See After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time and the damage can range from minor to very severe depending on what happened. These are some of the most common:

  • Serious physical injuries: These are the worst consequences of motorcycle accidents such as fractures, burns, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, limb injuries. These things should be checked as soon as possible so that the doctor can say if you need any procedure or surgery.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain after an accident can affect your life. This is also something to consider in the legal process.
  • Medical expenses: After an accident you will most likely be involved in endless medical bills, such as doctors, nurses, transfers, hospitalizations, medications, treatments, rehabilitation.
  • Stress and Distress: The emotional consequences can be very hard after an accident and lead to future therapies.
  • Loss of quality of life: Sometimes injuries can be life-changing and you may no longer be able to perform any type of activity. This can also result from an accident.

Any of these damages may result in compensation and reparation. You should fight for it. You deserve that if they caused the collision, they should pay for what they have done to you. Call Boca Raton motorcycle attorneys to be by your side on this road.

Types of motorcycle accidents seen in Boca Raton

People sometimes tend to act badly or make mistakes on the road. This leads to unthinkable accidents. Sometimes due to answering the cell phone, being distracted on the street, drinking and driving, among others.

It can also happen that the fault is not of the driver but of the road that is poorly paved or that a driver makes a mistake and causes a collision. 

These are some of the most common accidents on the streets of Boca Raton:

  • Left turn accidents: This happens when a car does not see the motorcycle and accidents occur.
  • Skidding on road debris: Riders can avoid hazards if they know how to get out of them, but sometimes if there are problems with the pavement, it is difficult to control a motorcycle.
  • Cars changing lanes into a motorcyclist: There are times when car drivers can make mistakes and go on a motorcycle. This causes accidents because motorcycles are more exposed.
  • Rear end collision: Motorcycles suffer more from this type of collision than cars. In addition, impact injuries are much more serious.
  • Car door opening: This action, which is usually a mistake by car owners, can have serious consequences for motorcycles because injuries can result.

Contact Boca Raton motorcycle attorneys with experience in this type of case so that he or she can give you a hand. Solving what has happened to you is not impossible. You just have to trust a person who has already solved these issues several times.

Our Boca Raton Motorcycle Attorneys Will Maximize The Settlement So You Get What You Deserve

You need to be prepared to file a claim with the insurance company, and go to court. Filing a claim with the insurance company is going to be one of the more challenging aspects of your case. 

Insurance companies are for profit. This means that they will be losing money by paying out on your claim. It is in the insurance company’s best interest to reduce the amount that they pay you. Of course, this is the complete opposite for you, who needs to maximize your injury settlement.

Your Boca Raton motorcycle attorneys will be by your side to ensure that the insurance company does not take advantage of you during one of the most difficult times of your life. Any amount of damages that we are unable to recover through the insurance company we can seek in a civil claim against the culpable parties.

This will also be a good opportunity for you to be awarded compensation for your non-economic damages as well as any other losses that were not covered by the insurance company.

Contact a Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Fight For Your Justice

You suffer critical injuries in a motorcycle accident and you have a hard time coping with the aftermath. You may have grounds for financial compensation. 

Get help securing the money you deserve when you contact a respected Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyer at LaBovick Law Group.

We are a group of lawyers with more than 30 years of experience in case law. We have offices all over Florida so you can go to the one closest to you.

We have many successful cases and good comments from our clients. Thanks to this we are the firm with the best score in Google Reviews (4.8).

We want to take on the insurance companies for you because we know how exhausting it is. We will also contact the best doctors to take care of your recovery.

Because we are thinking of you, we don’t want money to be an issue in resolving your case. We work under a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not pay us anything until we win your case.

Our firm is proud to offer free, no-cost case reviews to motorcycle accident victims across Boca Raton, Florida and surrounding cities. Take advantage of this opportunity today. Call our office at (561) 564-0312 or complete our convenient contact form to get started on your case.

about Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The best thing to do is to contact an attorney when you have the accident. Remember that by the Florida Statute of Limitations deadline, you have two years to file the claim. But time passes quickly and the process takes time. That’s why the best decision is to start acting now. Hire a lawyer and recover peacefully from your injuries.

The attorney will represent you throughout the legal process. It will save you time and headaches in dealing with the insurance companies. He will negotiate for you and if necessary prepare the case for trial. He will help you gather all the requirements and documentation to be solid and win. His goal is to find fault and get justice for you.

A motorcycle accident is incredibly painful and devastating. It can be life-changing for you and your family. It can cause minor or serious injuries, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. In addition, the emotional damage is also recurring, such as fear of driving again, stress, anguish, suffering and future therapies.

As long as the accident stems from the fault of another party, you may file a claim. It may be due to driver negligence, distracted driving, drinking or drug use, vehicle failure or mechanic misconduct, road hazards. Your attorney will be in charge of determining fault and building a case for financial compensation for your injuries or damages.

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