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You went through a car accident and are probably feeling overwhelmed and confused. The physical and emotional consequences of going through it can be long lasting.

Dealing with insurance companies and legal hurdles can also be a headache. That’s why our Boca Raton car accident lawyer wants to help you. Call LaBovick to receive the compensation you deserve and a free consultation.

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Motor vehicle accidents are some of the most common causes of catastrophic and fatal injuries in Boca Raton.

The benefits of choosing the right Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer

Choosing the right Boca Raton car accident lawyer to represent you can be a challenge. Here are a few reasons to call LaBovick Law Group when you need a legal representative:

  • We fight to win.
  • We are Warriors for Justice.
  • $30 Million+ Recovered Extensive trial lawyer experience.
  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • Timely communication.
  • Google Top-Rated.
  • Protection, comfort, and support.

Going through an accident in Boca Raton is not easy. And we don’t want you to go through this process alone. The company of a Boca Raton car accident attorney will make the road easier as you work on your recovery.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Boca Raton

There are many different parties who could be involved in the cause of your car accident. Most often, it is assumed that the driver of the vehicle that hit you is at fault. This could be true. 

There are numerous accidents across the state that are caused by unsafe driving. Some of the most common causes of driver negligence include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Drugged driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Failure to stop
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to use a turn signal
  • Making illegal turns
  • Road rage
  • Following too closely

But the driver of the vehicle that hit you may not be the only party who shares fault for the accident. In fact, in some cases, the other involved driver may also be a victim.

Since there are several parties who may be at fault, comparative negligence can be used to assess how much fault is attributable to each party.

On the other hand, there are many cases in which roadways are found to have been unsafe, and defective car parts were found to have been the cause of collisions. 

To avoid any kind of problem, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and wear your seat belt to avoid these types of accidents. Also, make sure you are complying with all traffic regulations. Not only for yourself, but for your family and everyone around you.

Your Boca Raton car accident attorney will thoroughly review the details of your case in order to see all the actors and factors that may appear.

The help of a lawyer is very important in the legal process because he will guide you step by step through everything you have to do to reach a settlement. From the review of the documents to the negotiation or trial.

Recommendations of a Boca Raton Car Accident Attorney: What to do after an incident

A car accident can happen at any time of the day. The most important thing is to be as calm as possible at all times. 

Our Boca Raton car accident lawyer recommends a series of steps to follow:

  • Check your safety and your injuries: See what condition you and the people accompanying you were in at the time of the accident.
  • Call 991: Call the police. Then ask for the police report that will be favorable for the legal process in the future. Wait if they are going to have a search and seizure.
  • Seek medical assistance: Even if you don’t feel you have injuries at the time, call for assistance. Some problems may appear in the future and it is important to see them at the moment.
  • Exchange information: Ask for the personal information of the people involved in the accident, such as license plate, insurance, phone numbers.
  • Document everything you can: Take pictures and videos of the accident scene and injuries.
  • Call our Boca Raton car accident lawyers: The best option for you to get through this situation is to hire a legal professional. He will be the support you need in this situation. He will act in your defense and will know how to guide you correctly.

A lawyer will seek for the real culprits of the accident

When an accident occurs, liability and fault must be proven. This way you can claim compensation.

Some of these may pay for the damages they caused you:

  • Driver: This is the first person to be named. He/she may be at fault for speeding, distracted driving, or disregarding traffic regulations.
  • Vehicle manufacturer: The car may have come with a defect and something went wrong that caused the accident.
  • Municipality: The roads may not be well maintained or the traffic signs may not be properly maintained. This can lead to accidents.
  • Passengers: The driver’s passengers may distract the driver or encourage the driver to drive improperly.

When analyzing the case, a lawyer must take into account all these actors to know how he can help and look for those responsible.

Start now by calling a specialized legal professional to help you with your case. If you act quickly you will be better off and have a better chance of winning.

Having an expert and trusted car accident lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
We are here to help you!
Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer

with a LaBovick Law Group legal expert

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The most important part of any car accident claim is figuring out who was at fault for causing the accident.

Having Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyers on your side to deal with your case

Going up against the insurance company is going to be a challenge. Make sure you have a strong legal advocate on your side throughout the claims process. Here are some of the ways a Boca Raton car accident lawyer can help with your car accident case:

  • Investigating the accident.
  • Establishing fault.
  • Hiring experts to analyze your case.
  • Calculating the value of your claim.
  • Handling the insurance company negotiations.
  • Protecting you from being taken advantage of by insurance companies or adversaries.
  • Representing your case at trial, if that is the best option for you.

Having Boca Raton car accident lawyers is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.

The most important part of any car accident claim is figuring out who was at fault for causing the accident.

Boca Raton Car Accident Attorneys will seek maximum compensation for your case

It’s important to have Boca Raton car accident attorneys on your side because they will fight for your justice. They will seek the compensation you deserve for the damages that have been caused to you.

They have sufficient knowledge and experience to take you through the best possible strategies and win your case as follows:

  • Doing a thorough investigation of your case: See who is responsible and at fault for the damages caused.
  • Searching for evidence: Through documentation, photos and videos, he will support the case for the claim.
  • Interview witnesses: They will talk to the people who saw what happened to get true statements of what happened.
  • Present the evidence: Gather everything necessary to make a solid and credible case.
  • Calculate the value of your case: Based on all the evidence, he will make an assessment of how much you stand to gain for your losses.
  • Protect you at all times: He will make sure justice is done and that you get what you deserve.

Boca Raton car accident attorneys are those who will be with you during all stages. They have the knowledge of the local laws and know the tactics to confront the insurance companies.

Contact our team of LaBovick lawyers because we are the ones who will fight for you, defend you and seek the maximum compensation you need.

What Auto Accident Attorney Boca Raton sees every day: Different types of roadway incidents

An auto accident attorney Boca Raton analyzes and studies the different types of incidents that happen every day on the road. They are all different from each other but have one thing in common. They have enormous consequences. These are some of the ones you see most often:

  • Rear-end collision accidents
  • Head-on collision accidents
  • Side collision accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Side T-impact accidents
  • Multiple crash accidents
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist accidents
  • Rental vehicle accidents
  • Accidents in adverse weather conditions
  • Accidents caused by vehicle defects
  • Accidents with serious or fatal injuries

Having an auto accident changes your life instantly. It is important to be accompanied by an auto accident attorney Boca Raton. So that you have peace of mind and can take care of your recovery.

The Most Common Damages in a Car Accident in Boca Raton

Being injured in a car accident is complicated. But your Boca Raton car accident lawyer can seek to have the damages from that accident repaired.

In this way he can make a claim for property damage or for emotional damages. You can ask for compensation for lost wages since you could not go to work or loss of future earnings, because of these damages. Others are medical bills, medical consultations, surgeries, hospital transfers, medications, therapies, treatments. 

Also, since you have been the victim of a car accident, you can ask for compensation for the car repairs and what it has cost you.

The emotions are the most difficult to prove but you can ask for compensation for stress, anguish, fear, depression, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life or stop doing certain activities that were pleasurable for you.

It is important to note that the valuation of the injury will depend on each case, the circumstances, the severity and the time the claim is filed. With a lawyer it is easier to handle this type of case.

LaBovick is the right solution: Call our Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer

We know what it’s like to go through an auto accident case. The consequences can be devastating because of the trauma. It can mean lifelong problems for you and your family.

We want to get to know you. We want to know your story. We want to protect you and be with you in this difficult situation.

We are LaBovick, a team of attorneys with more than 30 years of experience in case law and the legal system, and we want to help you. We have offices throughout Florida so you can go to the one that is closest to you.

We have many success stories and good feedback from our customers. Thanks to them we are the firm with the best score in Google Reviews (4.8).

We want you to take care of your recovery and be with your family. That’s why we will take on the insurance companies for you. And we will contact the best doctors to take care of your treatment.

We don’t want your problem to be solved with money. That’s why we work under a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not pay us anything until we win your case.

You have suffered devastating injuries in a car accident and are unsure how to obtain the compensation you are entitled to, then don’t hesitate any longer. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a respected Boca Raton car accident lawyer at LaBovick Law Group.

When you are ready to get started on your case, fill out our online contact form or give our office a call at (561) 564-0312.

about Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer

In Boca Raton you have a limited time to make your auto accident claim. According to the Florida Statute of Limitations, you have two years to do so. That is why you should promptly contact an attorney to act for you as soon as possible.

We recommend that you hire an attorney because they will be your partner throughout the entire legal process. While you are recovering, the best option is to have a legal professional on your side to stand up to the insurance companies for you and take care of all the obstacles that arise during the claim.

A person may have acted negligently. This means that he acted recklessly or did not act correctly, so that is why the accident occurred. This resulted in damages or losses that implied serious consequences to your life.

It can also happen that several parties are involved in the accident. Therefore, an attorney will have to evaluate the entire case so that everyone receives fair compensation.

You can talk to a lawyer to make a claim if the other person has caused you serious injuries. You can ask for material damages such as loss of wages, bills, medications, treatments due to the poor condition of the vehicle. And you can also claim for emotional damages such as pain and suffering, fear of driving, future therapies, stress, anguish.

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