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Recalled Nap Nanny Causes Six Infant Deaths

In 2010, Baby Matters LLC recalled a product called the Nap Nanny, a portable infant recliner made for both sleeping and playing. The product was recalled after an incident where the Nap Nanny was placed in an infant’s crib, and the baby rolled over the side of the product. The infant then became trapped and suffocated between the crib bumper and the product itself. The recall told consumers to immediately stop using the product until they viewed a safety video and read a set of new instructions and warnings for the product. An $80 coupon was also issued if the consumer-owned an earlier model of the product.

Two years later there were a total of five infant deaths from the Nap Nanny. The Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) reported to the company that there had been more than 70 complaints (including the five deaths) and that the product needed to be recalled. However, Baby Matters LLC refused to agree and did not issue the recall.  Instead,, Buy Buy Baby, Toys “R” Us/Baby “R” Us and all issued their own recall, urging consumers to return the product. The CPSC also decided to file a lawsuit against Baby Matters LLC. Leslie Gudel, the owner of the company, couldn’t afford the fight with CPSC and ended up shutting the company down.

Unfortunately, the product is still being used today and has recently caused another infant death. Although the Nap Nanny is no longer being sold in stores, the product can still be purchased on some online websites or can be passed along from other family members. Since the company that created the product is no longer in business, they will not be accepting any returns or issue any sort of refund.  However, it is still very important that the Nap Nanny is thrown away or, if possible, returned to one of the previously mentioned stores for a full refund.

Consumer safety recalls are extremely helpful and can potentially save your family from serious harm and even death. Stay informed on recent (and even some older) recalls helping prevent a tragic accident.

If you have been injured due to a product malfunction or other type of accident, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

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