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Although Florida drivers are required by law to carry auto insurance, some people irresponsibly drive without it. If you have been severely injured in a car accident caused by an uninsured motorist, contact LaBovick Law Group. Our West Palm Beach Uninsured Motorist Lawyer will evaluate your case and discuss your legal options in a free consultation. Call (561) 623-3681 today.

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Why You Need a Lawyer

Hiring an experienced lawyer is crucial if you are severely injured by an uninsured motorist. Even if your situation seems hopeless, a lawyer has the resources to explore all legal options for obtaining compensation to cover your losses entirely. Although you may be dealing with your own insurance company, it is still common for them to substantially undervalue a valid claim. The sooner a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach is involved, the better your chances at recovering full and fair payment.

Options for Compensation After an Accident With an Uninsured Motorist

Our West Palm Beach uninsured motorist lawyers can help you navigate these options.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage

Florida is a no-fault state, which means when a driver is involved in an accident, they turn to their auto insurer for coverage regardless of who was at fault. This policy is called personal injury protection (PIP), which covers 80 percent of your medical expenses and 60 percent of your lost wages. Per Florida’s 14-day rule, you must seek medical care within 14 days of your accident to recover compensation from your PIP policy. PIP coverage does not pay for pain and suffering damages.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage is optional in Florida, which means there is no guarantee you carry it. However, the law requires you to reject this coverage in writing, so if you do not remember doing so, you may have it. UM covers policyholders for injuries caused by accidents with uninsured drivers. The policy limits will be similar to your bodily injury coverage (PIP protection) or higher. If your injuries meet the state’s “serious injury threshold,” then UM will cover your non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, etc.

Filing a Lawsuit Against the At-Fault Driver

If your injuries meet the state’s serious injury threshold, you can pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver personally. However, these cases are not always successful since the driver may not have any assets if they do not carry auto insurance.

Can You “Stack” Insurance Coverage in Florida?

Yes, you can “stack” insurance coverage in Florida, as long as you didn’t choose “not to stack” when purchasing UM coverage in Florida. “Stacking” insurance refers to the ability to add the coverage for one vehicle on top of another vehicle’s coverage, which increases the total available coverage. For example, say you have two cars in a household, each covered by a UM policy that has limits of $50,000 per person and $150,000 per accident. If you were to opt-in to stacking those policies and are hit by an uninsured motorist, your available coverage will be combined to up to $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident. Various other possibilities exist, but this example demonstrates how stacking can work.

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