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West Palm Beach PIP Claims Attorney

Florida is a no-fault insurance state: all drivers are required to carry personal injury insurance or PIP. In the event of an accident, this insurance covers medical expenses and other related costs. Medical providers depend on reimbursement from insurance companies to compensate them for care delivered to injured drivers. When claims are rejected, it compromises the medical providers’ abilities to adequately treat patients. If you are a medical provider with rejected PIP claims, contact a West Palm Beach PIP claims attorney to help you recover the funds you are owed.

Fully versed in PIP and contract law, the PIP legal team at LaBovick Law Groupz has the experience and expertise needed to maximize fee recovery. We have been fighting for the “underdogs” – those facing giant corporations and mammoth insurance companies – since 1992. If you have had a request for reimbursement rejected or reduced in the last five years, our PIP claims attorneys will help you meet the statute of limitations, file a claim, and prepare a thoroughly researched, compelling case. Do not let insurance companies tell you how to treat patients. We will do our jobs – so you can do yours.

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