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Pedestrian Accidents

West Palm Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident AttorneyThe Sunshine State has the dubious distinction of being among the top most dangerous metropolitan areas in the country for pedestrians. In the 10-year period ending in 2014, over 5100 people were fatally injured in Florida alone; overall, 13 pedestrians are killed by cars every day in the United States. If you or a loved one have been injured, be sure to use our free online resources like our personal injury case calculator.

Whether caused by poor pedestrian infrastructure, hazardous roads and crossings, or careless, negligent, or reckless drivers, the consequences of pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents can be devastating. We have been representing victims and surviving families since 1992; a LaBovick Law Group Pedestrian Accident Lawyer is the advocate you need to navigate the aftermath.

Protect Your Rights with a West Palm Beach Pedestrian Lawyer

Because a variety of factors can contribute to the causes of a pedestrian accident, it is essential that you contact a qualified pedestrian attorney in West Palm Beach as soon as possible.

When you schedule a complimentary consultation, we will determine next steps, including a thorough investigation into who was at fault. The sooner this process can begin, the better equipped we are to develop a compelling case and help you obtain full recovery.

The LaBovick Law Group team utilizes every resource at our disposal to provide you with the best representation. For example, we can leverage accident reconstruction technology and expert analysis to provide supporting evidence for your case. But beyond that, we will deliver sound advice and the personal touch you need when coping with an accident. We treat every case – your case – as if it is our most important. Because it is.

We understand the trauma that accompanies a pedestrian accident. While you are dealing with challenging physical, emotional, and financial issues, entrust the legal process to a LaBovick Law Group pedestrian accident lawyer. With the compensation to which you are entitled, you can begin to move on with your life.

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