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Jones Act

West Palm Beach Jones Act Attorney

Working at sea is not for everyone; these hardy people work in the midst of harsh weather and dangerous conditions that render each step critical. Shifts are long, breaks short, and risks everpresent. The law recognizes the inherent danger and seeks to protect offshore employees. If you have been injured on the job, seek help. First medical – and then from a crew member injury law firm. Try our free online Jones Act Case Calculator to see how much you could be entitled to.

Consulting a Jones Act Attorney

The Jones Act is one of the most prominent laws protecting offshore workers. It entitles crew members to seek compensation for injuries incurred on the job. But it is not a simple process; you must prove you are classified as a “seaman” and that the injury occurred on a qualified “vessel” under the law.

A seaman is someone whose duties contribute to the function of the vessel or the completion of its mission (e.g. captain, fish processor, oil rig worker). A vessel is a watercraft capable of maritime transportation, regardless of whether or not that is the primary purpose or state of transit at a particular moment.

The distinctions are important, and they influence the efficacy of your claim; this is why consulting with a Jones Act lawyer is essential. The LaBovick Law Group understands the nuances of maritime law; we will ensure that you are not intimidated by corporations or insurance companies. If you have been injured doing your job, we will help you obtain rightful compensation. Learn about what you will need to file a Jones act lawsuit.

Protect Yourself with a Boat Crew Injury Attorney

You may be entitled to similar benefits granted to those under state workers’ compensation laws. If your injury was caused by the negligence, neglect, or willful actions of your employer, you may be entitled to damages related to medical bills, lost wages, ongoing therapies, retraining, transportation, and related damages.

The Jones Act is a multifaceted law, and seeking compensation is complex. If you were on a ship or boat working, injury may be covered by these protections. The LaBovick Law Group will fight for your rights. Consult a West Palm Beach Jones Act & Maritime Law Firm immediately.


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