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Cruise Ship Accident

West Palm Beach Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

Cruises are more popular than ever; record-breaking numbers of passengers flock to the docks of Florida to board their ships and embark on adventures. While the vast majority find enjoyment and suffer little more than mild sunburn or the effects of overindulgence, some unfortunate vacationers find their fun cut short by accidents and incidents. If you have been injured on a cruise, legal help from a West Palm Beach trusted Cruise Injury Lawyer is essential in navigating the aftermath. Try our free online cruise ship injury case evaluation to see how much your case could be worth.

Offshore Injury? Consult a Cruise Ship Accident Attorney ASAP

Maritime laws differ significantly from laws that govern land-based accidents and injuries, and they are not particularly “passenger friendly.” Most of these laws, including the Jones Act and the Seaman’s Act, are designed specifically to protect the staff of seafaring vessels. Are you a worker on a cruise ship? See if you are covered by the Jones Act.

Passengers have fewer protections. Consulting with a cruise ship injury lawyer in Florida is an important step in safeguarding your rights. Cruise operators are bound by the rules of “common carriers.” That is, they must adhere to a high standard of care for their passengers to ensure safety. The LaBovick Law Group will work with you to determine whether negligent or reckless disregard led to your injury. And then we will develop a case that compels the compensation you deserve. Online Cruise ship injury case evaluation.

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Why You Need a Cruise Injury Lawyer

Injuries incurred on a cruise ship are not treated the same as those incurred on land. A general personal injury attorney may not realize, for example, that the statute of limitations is truncated. Passengers have less than a year, and in some cases, just six months, to file a claim.

Further complicating matters, many cruise lines require that passengers file suit in specific cities (e.g. the city in which they operate). This can make it difficult for people from other states or countries to pursue legal remedy.

The LaBovick Law Group is fully versed in maritime law and has helped aggrieved passengers seek damages for over 25 years. We understand the law; more importantly, we understand how difficult dealing with an injury offshore is and we can provide the supports you need at this challenging time.

The clock is ticking. The contract terms are confusing. The cruise line is unhelpful. The law is intimidating. We are here. When you are injured on a cruise, legal help from our expert West Palm Beach Cruise Injury Lawyers will ensure you have the onshore assistance you need to recover fully. Try our free online cruise ship injury case evaluation to see how much your case could be worth.

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