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Workers’ Compensation

Stuart Workers Comp Attorney

Workers Comp AttorneyInjured on the job? In most cases, you will be covered by workman’s compensation. This program aims to help employees who are injured or ill because of their work conditions or environment. But, often, this complex system is stacked against workers, and results can be unfair. If you are struggling to receive the benefits to which you are entitled, contact an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer in Stuart. LaBovick Law Group will advocate aggressively on your behalf.  Get started with a free online Workers Comp case evaluation tool.

Our legal team has been helping workers obtain the benefits they need, and deserve, since 1992. State benefits systems are notoriously, and often needlessly, complicated. We are committed to helping you seek redress for injuries and illnesses incurred on the job — so you can focus on your health.

Common On-the-Job Injuries/Illnesses

Eye Injuries
Airborne irritants and constant straining, common in today’s workplaces, puts your eyes and vision at risk.

Hearing Loss
Being exposed to loud noises can cause gradual, yet significant, hearing loss. Even if you wear hearing protection properly, consult a Stuart worker’s comp attorney about your condition and your claim.

Hand Injury
Repetitive hand motions often trigger serious issues from tendinitis and carpal tunnel to lasting nerve damage.

Back Pain/Hernia
When your body is under sustained physical stress, you can suffer back pain that interferes with your ability to function normally at work and in other settings.

Lung Problems
Breathing issues caused by exposure to chemicals or airborne irritants are a pervasive issue in today’s workplaces.

Heart Attacks
If you are under an extreme amount of stress because of your  work, you may go into cardiac arrest. Even if you do not suffer a heart attack at work, you may still be eligible for compensation. Your Stuart worker’s comp lawyer can help you develop a strong medical case.

Worker’s Comp: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for worker’s comp? Most employees are covered by this insurance. You must have been injured or become ill on the job or while performing job-related functions at other locations, and your employer must offer this program. Download our workers compensation eBook.

What if I’m not covered? It is still important to seek the advice of a worker’s compensation lawyer in Stuart or your local area. Certain people may be excluded, such as independent contractors, seasonal workers, volunteers, and agricultural workers. Some companies (typically those with five or fewer employees) may not have to offer this coverage. If you are not sure, please consult with us.

What does workman’s compensation cover? When you become ill or injured because of your work conditions or environment, compensation covers the following:

  • Injuries that are permanent.
  • Medical care (e.g. doctors visits, surgeries, medications) to treat your injury/illness.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Wage replacement (usually two-thirds of your average pay).
  • Survivor’s benefits in the event of a fatal injury/illness.

My employer wants  to fire me because I filed a worker’s comp claim. What do I do? Contact the LaBovick Law Group: in most states, including Florida, it is illegal for an employer to fire you because you have become injured or ill and have filed a claim.

Can my employer hire a temporary worker to replace me? Yes. If you are not able to return to work for an extended period, your employer may hire someone to temporarily replace you.

Can I sue for my work-related injury/illness? The simple answer is yes. You can. But if you pursue this legal remedy, you may not file a worker’s compensation claim. As well, if you file a worker’s comp claim, you agree not to sue your employer.

Is applying for worker’s comp hard? It depends. It can certainly seem time-consuming. You must report your injury/illness to your employer with 30 days  — no later. Then, your employer has seven days to report this information to their insurance carrier. Three days from that date, the carrier sends you a brochure with information on your rights, benefits, and procedures for accessing compensation. If you encounter difficulties or obstacles, do not hestiate to call LaBovick  Law Group: your dedicated Stuart worker’s comp attorney will guide you through this complex process.

The system may not be on your side, but our expert team is. Ready to get started? Schedule a free in person Workers Comp case evaluation.


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